Megan (Almost) Got Run Over By a Ninja

Two bad things happened on my run this morning. First, I now have the song “Grandma Got Run Over By a Reindeer” stuck in my head. (My apologies…now it’s probably in your head, too!) Second, that song is in my head because I was almost run over this morning…by a ninja.

Yes, a ninja. Or, at least someone wearing some kind of full-face covering. There was only an opening for the eyes, and in the half a second I stared in shock and outrage the vibe I got was  more  ninja and less simple ski mask or religious apparel. Maybe because the ninja thing makes a better story…

Here’s what happened. I was running down the sidewalk on the right side of the street. (My loop requires all right turns…I wasn’t going to cross the street just to cross back…besides, there are sidewalks the whole way.) I was approaching an intersection where the light was green and the little white crosswalk man was bidding me to cross the street. Well, sure, little crosswalk guy. Don’t mind if I do. I took a peek to make sure that there weren’t any cars behind me wanting to turn. Nope, I only saw one car in the right lane and they (1) didn’t have a turn signal on and (2) were going much too fast to be taking the turn anyway. I proceeded to enter the intersection and two steps in caught a glimpse of movement from the corner of my eye. I froze as the ninja whipped into the turn in an obvious effort to beat me through the intersection and get to Wal-Mart JUST THAT MUCH FASTER. Never mind that silly pedestrian. It’s not like the store is open 24/7 or anything! I threw up my hands in some kind of ticked off but ultimately impotent gesture before I carried on my way.

Let’s look at how that could have been different. Instead of thinking, “Dang it, that runner is going to be right in my way…FLOOR IT!” the ninja could have turned their blinker on and slowed for the turn in accordance with basic traffic laws. With those few extra seconds, the darn pesky runner would have been across the street and the ninja would have had unimpeded access to the turn. Win-win. But no, a brush with death/vehicular manslaughter is a much better way to start the day.

Close call aside, my four miles this morning were pretty uneventful. The random knee soreness I picked up at the end of our 20-miler is still hanging around. I suppose I’m going to have to take Scott’s advice and subject myself to an ice bath tonight. Sure, I know the ice bath will help…it’s just that it’s so…so…cold. Brr.


2 responses

  1. We (speaking for the ENTIRE internet) are pleased that you survived and are really concerned about your knee soreness. Please be carefull, you’re the only wilderness experienced blue hydration specialist we have!

  2. Running 26.2 miles, no matter how bad you want it, is still insane. Truer words have never been spoken, er written!

    I smiled throughout this entire report and chuckled to myself several times. I particularly enjoyed “Where Megan Loses Her Mind”, the title, not that you actually lost your mind. Ha, I loled at the Puke Threshold. This race report is even better than I anticipated.

    Love you, love your heart, love your attitude. Well done my friend. But…what now? 🙂

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