Ah, Search Engines. Such Fun.

It turns out that I haven’t displayed my reverse stalking capabilities since September 19. This is a situation that obviously requires my attention. On to what is probably my sixth favorite pastime (behind running, reading, cross stitch, eating, and frisbee golf, of course) — exploring what search strings bring people to my blog. Such fun!

  • reedy river 10k course difficulty — The Reedy River 10k is this weekend! Hooray! I’ve run this course the past two years and last year they made a change to make the course significantly easier. No longer are you greeted at Mile 5 with the infamous McDaniel hill. Oof. That puppy is long and steep. But have no fear! It awaits you  no longer. Of course, there are *some* hills. You can’t run downtown Greenville without hills. Ain’t no way, ain’t no how.
  • why do guys take their shirts off while e — There seems to be a trend of extra long search strings getting cut off by WordPress’ predetermined character limit. It can be pretty frustrating, like having the last 10 pages ripped out of a novel. In this case, though, I can guess the final word is “eating.” Why do guys take their shirts off while eating? My best logical guess would be so as not to get food on their shirts. Laundry avoidance seems to be perceived as a noble goal for lots of guys. It’s the whole, “I ran out of clean underwear so I went and bought some more” or “instead of washing these jeans I’ll just Febreeze them” phenomena. Actually removing clothing before eating, though? That takes it to a whole new, awkward level. Yikes.
  • breaking in shoes by placing und — Under what? Oh, man! The suspense is killing me. Under the bed? Under some cans? Under the open sky? The possibilities are endless. I guess I’ll never know how to break in shoes, or how this led to my blog.
  • swamp rabbit / swamp rabbit trail /the swamp rabbit trail / swamp rabbit pics / swamp rabbit sign / swamp rabbit completion date / trail around furman / is swamp rabbit safe? / swamp rabbit furman / swamp rabbit downtown / swamp rabbit where? / swamp rabbit run / rabbit run bike trail furman — Augh! I apologize to you,  Swamp Rabbit Trail searchers. There have been over 200 of you in the past three months, and in that time I’ve managed a lot of posts about running on the trail and none describing the Furman to Travelers Rest section. I will attempt to rectify that this weekend. If it’s not raining, I’ll take my camera out and try to get some decent pictures. The people have spoken, and I will (finally) listen.
  • sexy feet — Why, thank you. Grrowl. I could shatter this illusion with one picture, however. I have some fine specimens of blood blister/callous combinations going on right now, and trust me…they are far from lovely. Oh! I bet this led to the post about Scott’s surgery, where I talked about his feet and jokingly called the silly-looking velcro shoe he had sexy. Bingo!
  • Myrtle Beach Marathon — Didn’t happen. Better luck next year. On to Virginia Beach!
  • megan runner — More people actually searching for little ol’ me. Four of them, to be precise. I’m well aware that this could be one person who chooses to use Google to find my blog occasionally instead of bookmarking the site, but just let me enjoy the moment, would you? (Also…if there actually is a person who uses a search engine to find my blog, allow me to introduce you to Google Reader. You will thank me. It is awesome.)
  • can i mail my old shoes to somewhere? — Why, I’m sure you can. You could mail your old shoes anywhere! More importantly, you can mail your shoes to somewhere that wants to receive them. In this post, I provide links to several organizations that recycle old shoes or donate them to the needy. You should also check with the running stores in your area. You might be able to save yourself some postage and drop your old shoes off when you go to buy new ones!
  • cute drawing, um, hello — Um. Hello yourself?

6 responses

  1. just a FYI … I DO use google reader AND I’m guilty of looking for your blog via google, say, mayby four times or so. Using google for anything is so much faster than bookmarks and stuff .. google reader is, in my case, reserved for the ipod/phone where its called “byline” and I agree, its great 🙂

    Oh and the RRR 10K course is not so great, the elevation difference between start and finish kill it, the general elevation difference makes it a downhill course and the difference exceeds USATF standards so while its fast, you can’t get a recognized record there. But you CAN freel really good about having a great 10K time.

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