Faux Foodie Friday

The latest trail post. With pictures. I know. I need to stop breaking promises. I know. But this whole “editing pictures and finding maps and reading information” thing is a lot more work than just churning out another post about incessant marathon training.

Sigh. One of these days…

On to happier things — FOOD! Despite the gloomy weather and assurances for a wet walk, I couldn’t postpone my trip to Pomegranate on Main any longer.  The hummus. It calls to me. Yum. Armed with my trusty umbrella and the aforementioned hankering for chickpeas, I made the hike…only to discover that I did not, in fact, need to bring the umbrella (better safe than sorry!) and to neglect to order hummus at all.

What’s that? After yammering on about hummus in several posts? Well, it occurred to me on my walk that I was going to be eating lunch alone. (Duh.) So I could order an appetizer and an entree, sure, but when you combine that with the “free” appetizer the restaurant already provides it makes for a lot of food for one person. Even if that person is training for a marathon. And we could say that I’d take extras home, but we all know that won’t happen. I’d either forget it in the office fridge or leave it in my car all weekend. No good.

I then considered having only hummus for lunch, which seemed somehow sad, or having the lunch special of a hummus wrap but I’ve never been able to embrace tortillas as a delivery system for anything but tacos, burritos, and enchiladas. I know. It’s weird.

So. In the convoluted way so typical of yours truly, I rationalized myself right out of my favorite part of that restaurant. However, if you ever visit Pomegranate yourself, hear me well:  GET. THE. HUMMUS. It and their flatbread are amazing. You will not regret it.

I, meanwhile, am enjoying the “free” appetizer (Sidenote: I love the free appetizer. It’s like a reward just for showing up! Whether it’s chips and salsa, bread, salad, bread and salad, or whathaveyou…I love it.) which, in Pomegranate’s case, is a basket full of warm, soft flatbread and a platter with feta cheese, unsalted butter,  and mint. According to the waitstaff, the typical way to eat this is to mix butter and feta, spread it over the bread, and add some mint leaves. That may sound odd, but the bite of the mint with the creaminess of the cheese is a decent combo. Although to be totally honest, I mostly go for the two things that really interest me — the bread and cheese — and ignore the rest.

My “usual” at Pomegranante is their chicken stew. It’s a fairly sweet stew in a pomegranate and walnut sauce, served with basmati rice. I like to combine the stew and rice. Mighty tasty. I noticed today that they’d added two vegetarian dishes to their menu, and while I’m not a vegetarian, I opted for the vegetarian kabob today in the spirit of completely changing things up. I then marveled about how, for the third week in a row, I’d managed to order tiny amounts of many things. This is apparently my “thing.”

The veggie kabob consists of red and green peppers, portobello mushrooms, yellow squash, pineapple, and onions and is served with the ubiquitous basmati rice. Once the offending onions were removed from the mix (blech), I had myself a nice little lunch. It’s very different from the type of thing I normally eat, which is definitely part of the appeal. The restaurant itself has a great atmosphere, and that certainly doesn’t hurt, either.


6 responses

  1. mmm onions! That entree wasn’t just veggie, it was VEGAN! Yay! If you’d had the hummus instead of the feta and butter you totally would have had a completely Vegan lunch. Look what’s happening! 🙂 Just kidding. Lunch sounded great though.

  2. Ahem. When the hummus calls to you, what does it say?

    p.s. Why is food talking to you? Are you crazy? You got ants in your mind grapes?

  3. D — I actually thought that myself. I can guarantee it was just a veggie day and not a lifestyle change, LOL.

    Bro Schmo — Wait…your food DOESN’T talk to you? How sad.

  4. My food does what its told. Namely, TO GET IN MY BELLY!

    Ahem. With Austin Powers references aside, my relationship with my food is much like the relationship between parents and Santa Claus in The Polar Express. I can’t hear the food bells, sis. They’re not real to me. Too much work.

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