Countdown to 26.2: 16 Hours

We were awakened this morning to the sound of the race officials giving directions for the 8k run. This wouldn’t ordinarily be a bad thing, except that our neighbors last night were part of some prom/ball/formal party, and at one point there were over 20 of them — quite rowdy and/or intoxicated — in the room next door. Ahem…in the room with the adjoining door.

Ugh. It was not real pleasant. The hotel couldn’t move us because they were full and security’s efforts to settle things down seemed ineffectual at best. Or maybe I’m just being cranky because I have several coaches’ advice of, ” two nights before the race is the most important night for sleep” rattling through my brain…

On a more pleasant note, this hotel has a MAGIC ROOM. That is, our status as some sort of reward member grants us access to a special lounge on a special floor. In this MAGIC ROOM (all caps are necessary), free food and drinks are available — and refreshed — throughout the day. ME and I are hooked. The hotel breakfast is $13 (gads), but in the MAGIC ROOM toast, bagels, fresh fruit (strawberries! grapes! pineapple!), yogurt, juice, and cereal are available gratis. We fully intend to make several more visits throughout the day. Yes, I am occasionally easy to please. I love the MAGIC ROOM!

We also visited the Expo this morning, where we received our numbers and dryfit shirts (in size XS! Sweet!). It looks like all I’m missing is an afternoon spent hydrating and an evening pasta dinner…then, I’ll be as ready as I ever could be for a certain marathon tomorrow.

For now…I believe the MAGIC ROOM is calling me. I must go.


2 responses

  1. Awesome! Now you have to take a 2 year Hiatus like I did before you get the crazy thought of doing another one!

    Congrats and welcome to the club!

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