Faux Foodie Friday

It’s occurred to me that these Faux Foodie posts tend to be a bit…over the top in their praise. It’s my own fault, of course — I’ve consistently hit my favorite restaurants on the West End. What could I do but sing their praises? From a blogging standpoint, however, I’m worried that it gets a bit boring.

So. This week, in an attempt to spice things up, I made a second trip to a restaurant I vowed NEVER TO GO TO AGAIN. That sound you just heard was Running Buddy’s gasp of shock and dismay. Let’s see…how to explain this…I don’t know a lot about food. I really don’t. I know what I like and I’m willing to try most things, but I’m not really that adventurous or knowledgable.

With that said, I think there are places where “fancy” just means eating exquisite food. Where things are prepared differently than you expect and the results are surprisingly good. Places where, on occasion, if you can ignore the dollar signs you can really indulge. Then there are places where “fancy” just means “snooty.” Places where the chef can refuse to cook a beef dish past medium rare because that would “ruin it.” Scoff. When it comes to the food I’m paying for, I’m a lot less interested in a chef’s artistic integrity than I am in getting something I want. That doesn’t ooze. This may be an example of how uninformed I actually am, but I don’t think it’s unreasonable to ask for the beef to cook a little longer.

The real shame is that I want The Lazy Goat to be a place I enjoy. The location and decor of the restaurant are incredible. I mean, go look at the pictures. It’s a multi-level restaurant with a Mediterranean feel overlooking the Reedy River.  It would be a great place to go with a group of people. And so, in the spirit of second chances (and knowing that it would at least make for blogging variety if it failed) I returned there for lunch today.

And…it was ok. It was definitely better than the previous experience, but not good enough to put it in my “top picks” list. I took the safe route and ordered a dish without meat — the pasta of the day, which was spaghetti with tomatoes, mozzarella, and basil. It was light and tasty. I got it with a side of ciabatta because I like dipping bread in pasta, and there was enough tomato and olive oil runoff at the bottom of the bowl to satisfy my dipping tendencies.

One minor complaint I have is that it’s less than desirable to sit by the wall between the indoor and outdoor seating. I had my back to the door, and every time a server passed to and fro it the door slammed loudly and vibrated the rest of the wall. It probably wouldn’t be that noticeable for anyone NOT dining alone, but it caused the lone girl reading a book to jump out of her chair a couple of times!

I’m apparently sliding down the slippery slope of desserts, because when I was finished with the pasta I asked for the dessert menu. There, I saw another chance to overcome a negative first impression. The Lazy Goat has a gelato shop (it’s probably spelled “shoppe”) in its lower level that RB and I tried to go to once upon a time. We’re big fans of Luna Rosa further up Main St. and thought this would help us forgive TLG its past wrongs. We walked over on the one day there were people working on the wastewater pipe near the Reedy River. The stench was horrendous, but we suffered through it only to discover an “I’m sorry, we’re closed until 1:30” sign on the door. It was after 2:00. It really wasn’t a big deal, but the initial negative impression plus the unexpected closure plus the terrible smell (which wasn’t even their fault) cemented the negative impression.

Today, I hoped to overcome that grudge for good. Because really, who harbors a grudge against a restaurant? It’s just silly. So I ordered some gelato and…it was ok. It really seemed more like “ice cream” than “gelato” to me, although I couldn’t really explain the difference to you in scientific terms. In my opinion,  however, if you’re looking for gelato in Greenville you should go to the Luna Rosa. It’s much creamier.

Well. I feel better now that that’s done. TLG and I aren’t exactly BFFs, but we’re no longer sworn enemies, either. I call that progress…or maybe I’ll just call it lunch. 🙂

* Random note…did everyone notice my new banner? I made it with my own two hands in Fireworks yesterday. I’m not exactly a graphic designer, but I’m pretty pleased with how it turned out.


2 responses

  1. Love the banner, it’s good you mention it because some of us don’t get out of reader except to comment.

    I think I need to start seeing photos of the food during these Faux Foodie Friday’s. For reals. Use your camera phone, that’s what I do, no one notices. 🙂

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