Faux Foodie Friday

I wanted to eat outside today. This may not seem like such a big deal, but I typically hate eating outside. I know, I’m lame. I blame this particular weirdness on growing up in a state named after its frequently windy days…eating outside meant inevitably getting more dirt, bugs, or hair in your mouth than actual food. Blech.

In South Carolina, wind is less common…although many times when I see people utilizing the outdoor seating at restaurants I think, “gah! Too hot! Need air conditioning!” What can I say? I am a wimp. An anti-picnic wimp. However, once a year the urge to enjoy a meal outside strikes…on a perfect, non-windy, sunny-but-not-too-warm day.

Today was that day, so I capitalized by going to the Overlook Grill. The beautiful day held up its end of the bargain and my book and I had a relaxing lunch. The Overlook Grill is fine for what it is…the typical sandwich/salad/wrap/burger fare. However, I do feel like you get charged a little extra for the privilege of dining so close to the Reedy River. Don’t get me wrong — the seating area is impressive and I think it’s fun to be in the middle of the action. It makes me feel like part of the Greenville scene. As the tourists pass by, I can almost hear an imaginary tour guide saying, “and here you’ll notice a local resident enjoying some lunch while taking in the splendor of the Reedy River Falls.” And the tourists say, “ooh, ahhh.”

Megan the Cheapskate would like to note, however, that my half wrap, fries, and drink totalled to just over the price for my beloved Teriyaki Chicken Sandwich or Lunch Express sampler plate from Larkin’s or High Cotton, respectively. That seems a bit unreasonable and makes the fantastic Larkin’s or High Cotton lunches even more appealing to me…if such a thing is possible. You mean I could’ve gone to Larkin’s and spent less money (you know, assuming I could avoid the cheesecake tempatation this time)? I could revel in the adorably small portions of the High Cotton sampler plate for pretty much the same price? And they have outdoor seating as well? Uh……..huh. Yes.


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