Just Your Average, Ordinary Sunday Run…

…in which Scott and Megan get entirely too competitive and begin evaluating their “opponents.”

It began simply enough. In an effort to ease back into running after a lengthy injury, Husband has been accompanying me on some of my runs. It’s a win-win: I get to enjoy some company and he gets a reason to run at a gentler pace. “Who, me? I’m just keeping my wife company…”

Sunday, we opted for a change in the running scenery and headed for downtown Greenville…where it was apparently Run With Your Significant Other Day. On our way down the hill to the Swamp Rabbit Trail, we passed a couple who were heading up the hill. When they first came into view, Scott murmured what is a typical phrase for him — “here comes the competition.” (He likes to motivate me, so any time I’m lounging around and a more dedicated runner is seen heading down our street, he’s obligated to tell me, “there goes the competition.” For some reason, I am also obligated to look up.) He wasn’t wearing a shirt. She was wearing a cute little running tank top/shorts combo. They were running quite a bit faster than us…up a hill. After they passed, I laughed and told Scott that we’d need a little more training to catch them.

Fast forward a mile, and a different couple is running towards us. She is running about 6 strides behind him and looks like there are many things she’d rather be doing…going to the dentist may or may not be one of them. He is wearing a distinct look of discomfort. After they pass, I think to myself, “we could take them.” I keep this thought to myself because I think it could be construed as hyper-competitive and a little mean. Husband says,

“We could take them.” Of course we could, Husband. Of course we could.

Then, as we loop through Cleveland Park, we see a third couple on the other side of the river. It’s obvious that we’re running faster than them but equally obvious that it would take a concerted effort to pass them. The competitive beast has been awakened, however, and Husband is apparently eager to maintain our 2nd Place Age Group Award in the No One Else is Even Racing Sunday Classic. After a few seconds, he says, “we need to catch them.” Uh, what? Dude, I’m just running here. “Nono, you can do it. Let’s catch them.”

I roll my eyes, but speed up a little anyway and…we leave our competition in our dust. Ha-ha! Crossing the bridge on the way back, Couple #4 didn’t stand a chance. Not that they knew we were racing, of course. But if they DID, and if we WERE…well, I think everyone knows what the results would have been.

And then, there’s always the possibility that we’re a tad too competitive. Hmm…..nah.


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  1. Hey! I am a fellow Greenville resident and runner (sort of) and my husband and really want to utilize the Swamp Rabbit trail for our half marathon training. We are a little confused as to where we should start and how many miles it will cover. The map on the website is more for show than help. Can you help me out? We need to know where to park to get in about 4 miles downtown…and I would prefer to be on the squishy trail as much as possible! thanks for the help!

  2. For the quick answer, I’d suggest parking at Cleveland Park (because it has the most free parking) and hitting up the Cleveland Park trails and the Hincapie Path (squishy trail). You can probably get 4-6 miles in that way, depending on the loops you make. For a longer answer, check your email! I sent an overly long and complicated message your way… 🙂

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