I’ve Got A Pocket Full of Sunshine

Since this is little Matty’s first blog post, I thought some commentary from me might help ya’ll get used to his writing style. Throughout the post, green text = Megan.

Good afternoon.  The reason I’ve called you all here is quite simple.  I am Megan’s brother.  I have met ME.   I have seen the sullen, snow-covered shores of Myrtle Beach.  I have run the glorious Swamp Rabbit Trail.  I have also tried to fit through a coat hanger and carried rocks on a run as a part of an ingenious plan to thwart my coach’s abuse of power.  Why is any of this relevant?  Valid question.  Basically, although I’m a country removed from the land-o-running about which my sister blogs, I still live vicariously through her experiences  AND I have actually experienced a few of them, too.  This gives me mad street cred.  When I start to talk about the goings and comings of Sassy or the goings and staying gones of Cally (I have rarely visited long enough [read: “over 72 hours”] for Cally to process all her little cat brain needs to process to find it acceptable to have a third human in her house) you can confidently be like “oh wow, he must know stuff because of his mad street cred.”

I will also be like a swing vote. (He had some comparison here, but I didn’t like the person he picked for me so I deleted it. He will no doubt claim that I am mad with power.) I’m that other point of view.  My sister can smithy all of the words she wishes about Faux Foodie Fridays and baseboard scrubbin’.  But by crackin’, now she’s got a watchdog capable of calling her bluff with more ferocity than a disgruntled grizzly bear. (I believe he’s claiming that the days of wild exaggeration are over.) Point being, I am Matt, Matty, Li’l Brudder, etc., and I have insider trading knowledge of the life of Megarunr.  She’s mighty indeed, but I am sneaky.  Sneaky Pete they used to call me….yeessss. (I have no idea what he’s talking about now. Also, no one used to call him Sneaky Pete.)

Anyway.  It’s nice meeting you, Everyone.  Megan has said many nice things about you, and I look forward to our interactions.  Cheerio.

-Li’l Brudder

P.S. I can make it on my own


One response

  1. Matty! Hi! Miss you! You should come back to KC and I’ll make you dinner again. Although I’m Vegan now so it would be full of veggies and not so much meat.

    Megs- I feel like you included too much commentary. Let the man speak for himself! Perhaps you are made with power? 🙂 Just kidding.

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