I Hate Running

Not really. I just thought a very dramatic post title would be a fun way to start off the week. What fun!

I’d also like to share with you the notable fact that my blog stats from last week look like a kitty.  No, really!


I told you so. Or maybe that’s Batman…


In fact, I’ve actually been running a bit faster than normal lately. I owe this completely to my lovely husband, because while I certainly don’t hate running (I’m starting to feel guilty for even putting that in the title…), I have even more certainly been a bit anti-running as of late. If it weren’t for Scott’s powers of persuasion, I would be wasting the last glorious days of spring sleeping on the couch rather than running 8:30’s. Scandalous, is it not?

I wish I didn’t have to deal with the roller coaster of motivation. I start off being ALL ABOUT RUNNING REALLY FAST AND REALLY FAR…but then I get worn out, and cranky, and decide that running isn’t really worth it and I should more actively try to be a “normal” person…which somehow means spending more time watching TV, sleeping, and generally being inactive. When the excess energy eventually bubbles over, I’m back to being ALL ABOUT RUNNING! REALLY FAST! REALLY FAR! YEAH!

Thank goodness for Scott. He never falters. Right now, in particular, he’s extremely motivated to run because he’s been away from it for so long. Here’s hoping that his enthusiasm is contagious…


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