Signs That I Should Be Running More

Did you realize that it’s been almost seven weeks since I ran a marathon? Or, almost seven weeks since I was in the very best shape I’ve been in since college? Those seven weeks have passed in a haze of — first — recovery and — later — laziness. Rest is a good and beneficial thing, and I think that in the months to come I’ll be grateful that I didn’t rush back into training. However, I feel like I’ve woken up and realized…I’m not in nearly the shape that I was seven weeks ago.

As anyone who’s very familiar with running knows, the road to getting “in shape” is long and strenuous, but the path back to “out of shape” is a much-quicker drop off a cliff. I’m definitely not a pile of mush at the bottom of the cliff, but I’ve allowed the freefall a bit longer than I intended to. The signs are there, my friends. I am not running enough.

For example:

  • My face is suddenly confused and is acting like my age ends in “teen.” I am rapidly approaching a new decade here, folks, and as superficial as this is going to sound it seems drastically unfair that the classic skin woes of “acne” and “wrinkles” can descend simultaneously. Grr. If I’m old enough for the latter, I’m too old for the former, right? Wasn’t that the deal? There ought to have been a deal…in any case, the more I run the better my skin tends to behave.
  • I am a grouchasaurus. When I’m not running enough, I tend not to sleep very well. My brain doesn’t turn off and I’m stuck there running through conversations for the day in my mind or unfortunately (ugh) remembering the synopsis from the horror movie my co-workers were discussing that day. Too much imagination can be a very, very bad thing. Then the cat realizes I’m awake and shows up by my pillow, all like: “Hi! If you’re not going to be asleep, this ear isn’t going to scratch itself! Let’s go with the attention here, lady.” And then, more often than not, she will sneeze on me. ALL THIS COULD BE AVOIDED if I would just run more.
  • Clean laundry is out of control. I open a certain drawer and sports bras all but explode out of it. Ordinarily, I’d be searching the house for a clean or semi-clean one to wear. So much running apparel so readily available is…unsettling.
  • Most unsettling of all, the callous on my big toe fell off today. Nooooooooooooooooo! I know it’s gross, but that callous is my friend. No matter which brand of running shoes I’m currently wearing, my friend develops to watch over my toe. When the friend abandons me, that’s a sure sign that I haven’t been wearing running shoes often enough. Tsk-tsk.

So. The time of laziness must come to an end. I’m off to run, not letting even 90-degree heat stop me…today, at least. We’ll see how long this lasts.


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