Faux Foodie Friday

So immediately after I finished last night’s self-motivational post, Scott asked me to check the “raindar.” (That’s what we’ve started calling the “radar,” which Scott the Engineer is a big fan of. He likes charts and graphs and things to analyze. I’m not sure how “raindar” came to be…it probably has something to do with the fact that we only check the radar when we think it’s going to rain. Regardless, it’s stuck and I still find it hilarious.) It said…


Oh, come on! I can’t not run…but I don’t want to get struck by lightning, either. I pouted for awhile and then Scott came and checked out the raindar and said, “I think it’s going to miss us.” And he was right. Yay, husband! Yay, two miles!

But then today…today I went to lunch. I went to Trio, which is an Italian cafe that serves free bread with a plate of grated cheese and tomato-infused olive oil as an appetizer. If you’ve caught on to my likes/dislikes via the “faux foodies” so far, you probably know that no more needs to be said. Tomato + bread + cheese + free?


Trio’s on the northern end of Main Street…on the other side of the street as the Mast General Store. It’s a pretty popular place and always seems to have a crowd inside. Husband takes me there when we go to a show at the Peace Center because it’s the best “date night” type restaurant that we both like…and because he knows me pretty well after almost seven years of marriage (7? Already?!), he knows about my weakness for the bread.

Today, I ordered the vegetarian lasagna. I’m not sure why I keep ordering the veggie meals — I think I just like the idea of eating something “lighter” for lunch, but it’s also possible that the Trophy Wife is succeeding in her brainwashing attempts. Also, I’m trying to eat more vegetables. Since Trio entrees don’t come with a salad and I didn’t feel like paying for one, I needed to make the entree count.

And it counted. Yum! Usually, I like what I eat at Trio but later can only recall the bread and olive oil and cheese. Today, I finally found something worth remembering. The veggie lasagna had fresh spinach, zucchini, squash, mushrooms, tomatoes, and an abundance of tomato sauce. Oh, and was filled with both ricotta AND feta cheese. It was awesome. Simply awesome. Which is nice, because the past couple of “faux foodies” haven’t been anything special. It’s nice to get out of that rut.


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