A Serving of Random

Random notes, bullet style:

  • Scott and I ran on the recently opened portion of the Swamp Rabbit Trail a couple of weeks ago. Oh. My. Gosh. It was so great! They haven’t gotten around to paving the whole thing yet, so my trip through the new section was a series of alternating giddy excitement with sad acceptance: “It’s not paved! It’s not paved!” “…oh, this part is paved. Hmm.” “Dirt! Joy! Excitement! Giddiness!” “Oh. Paved.” I’m sure the entire thing will be paved eventually, but my legs were so happy to have brief sojourns on a softer surface. We were so excited about checking out the new trail that we actually ran 8 miles on it…which is twice as far as anything else I’ve run since the marathon.
  • Last night, Scott was looking forward to spending a quiet evening at home. There were no obligations or other schedulings, his wife had volunteered to make dinner, sigh. Nothing like a few hours to relax in the midst of a busy work week. And then he hears…”OH NO!” in a decidedly frightened voice. He glances over to see his wife rush from the counter and cutting board to the sink, holding her hand as she goes. After several minutes of trying to deny the need for stitches, the wife is convinced to take her sadly sliced thumb to the doctor for inspection. Several stitches and a tetanus shot later, all hope of a restful, relaxing evening (not to mention home-cooked dinner) is gone.
  • The LOST finale is this weekend…and I know now that I’m not a true fan. Apparently it’s going to be 2 and a half hours long. My only thought? Dudes, I need to go to bed. Of course, I have to watch it on Sunday because if I try to save it for Hulu, I’ll stumble across some spoilers on Facebook or something. Meh.
  • I find the gigantic bandage on my thumb to be quite hilarious. It enables me to give the most elaborate, noticeable thumbs-up EVER. It’s awesome.
  • How long do you suppose I can milk the whole “I injured myself while trying to cook you dinner” situation? It’s a shame that I bought groceries on my way home from work yesterday. I’m going to have to cook or waste food.
  • I miss snow running. I’m not adapting to humidity very well.
  • That is all.

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  1. I ran part of the Swamp Rabbit Trail on Sat. I did get a little messed up because there was some construction going on in Cleveland park but we got it all figured out. My husband and I are training for a half marathon so we are going to try to do all of our long Sat morning runs down there! Thanks for all the info, it really helped!

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