Contacts vs. Glasses

When I wake up at 6:00am (grumble) to go for a run in an attempt to escape the heat (grumble) and humidity (grumble grumble), I often wear my back-up glasses. It’s kind of funny…I originally convinced my parents to let me try contacts so I wouldn’t have to wear glasses while running anymore. I mean, glasses are fine…unless it’s raining, or snowing, or you’d like to (attempt to) look really cool whilst wearing cheap sunglasses.

These days, however, if I’m running in the morning and it’s not raining, odds are that I’m not wearing the contacts I fought so hard to acquire at age 13. Nope, one look at the bleary, sleep-squinted eyes staring back at me in the mirror has me reaching for the backup glasses. I’m trying to treat my latest pair of glasses nicely, so the ones they replaced (scratched lenses, too-small frames, and chewed-off earpiece…no, I didn’t chew it off. For that, I blame this little bundle of cuteness) have been consigned to morning run duty.

It’s a good system that has served me well. Half a mile into today’s run, however, the lenses fogged over. I wiped them a couple of times but was no match for the humidity. I ran the last mile of the run blind, specs held loosely while I navigated the streets of my neighborhood in all of my “legally blind without corrective lenses glory.” I stepped in something I would have rather avoided…but I ran. I put my face directly into a massive cobweb (which, to be honest, I would have done anyway. Those things are all but invisible!)…but I ran. Do you hear that, summer? You haven’t beaten me yet! Muhahahahahahaha…


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  1. Thanks, Audrey. 🙂 My hubby doesn’t make fun of me so much as he just doesn’t quite get how blind I am once the “corrective lenses” are out of the equation. “Megan, what time is it?” Yeah, there’s no way I can see that clock.

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