Faux Foodie Friday

Today is a fun day in Faux Foodie Fridays. Most of the time, I’m revisiting a restaurant I’ve already been to. My opinion may be altered slightly by an experience that exceeds or fails to meet my expectations, but the expectations are there nonetheless. I walk through the door considering past experiences and hoping for either a change or more of the same.

When I go to a brand new (to me) restaurant, however, I am unencumbered by expectation. It’s a clean slate, an empty plate, an expectation-free zone. This is a rare opportunity for me, because after working for over two years in downtown Greenville I have been to most of the lunch-serving restaurants.

Today, a few co-workers joined me for a walk to Lemongrass Thai Cuisine. Two of them were a bit nervous about trying a new type of food…particularly at a place with a slightly expensive lunch menu that I was unable to give a recommendation to. I think our meal was best summarized by one of these apprehensive individuals who afterwards said, “that was really good. And you know, when you take into account all of the free stuff they give you, it’s not a bad deal.”

Well said, co-worker. Well said. Because if I have one complaint about Lemongrass, it’s that the menu doesn’t clearly describe what you’re going to get. I ordered an entree assuming that it would come with rice. It did, but it would have helpful if the menu had a note: “all entrees served with steamed rice.” Similarly helpful notes could read, “all entrees receive complimentary spring roll” and “free watermelon for everyone!”

If the menu had documented these items, my co-workers would have entered the restaurant with less trepidation. Others, reading the menu at the door, might be more likely to step inside. Of course, the “gifts” of appetizer and dessert, when served as unexpected surprises, may serve to augment the dining experience. I know that we were impressed to see extra (and free!) plates headed our way.

It’s a silly, ridiculous thing to complain about, I know. Aside from that, the food was unanimously declared delicious. I ordered the “ginger special” with chicken. It had carrots, peppers, mushrooms, celery, and baby corn and was served with a side of steamed rice. Fabulous. One of my iPhone-toting co-workers snapped a picture for me: (Sidenote: It’s quite amusing to listen to a pair of graphic designers argue about the best angle and lighting for a quick cell phone picture for me to put on the blog. Ha!)

Ginger Chicken from Lemongrass

  Everyone else ordered some variety of fried rice (one with chicken, one with shrimp, and one “spicy”), and plans were already underway to make a second trip. I’d say the Lemongrass experiment was a success. 🙂


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