Don’t Look Now…but I Think I’m Being Followed…

One thing that was a little sad about moving to Kansas was abandoning my dear friend, the Swamp Rabbit Trail. How ironic that I spent two years marathon training on the bits and pieces of the trail, construction is FINALLY completed a few months after I complete my goal and am less likely to appreciate a 13-mile out-and-back route, and then…I move.

Hilarious. Compounding this feeling was the knowledge that as a “city girl,” I wouldn’t be returning to the beloved dirt roads of my youth. No, I was giving up my squishy trail for miles and miles and miles of pavement. Sigh.

In the back of my mind, I think I knew that there were some greenways to enjoy in Kansas City. I did not realize that one of them, the Streamway Trail, was less than two miles from our new apartment and boasted 17 fabulous, continuous miles. Wow! I mean, sure, it’s not like I can actually make use of the mileage available to me. I’m not going to be doing any 20-milers in the immediate future.

Nevertheless, the presence of such a fantastic running (and biking, if you’re Husband) resource has been cause for excitement around the Runr household. Scott’s been able to get more use out of it than I have (I’m still chaining myself to the treadmill out of a perhaps misproportional sense of caution), but once the weather turns…hoo boy! I love not having to fret about cars.

Just when I thought it couldn’t get any better, on the way to some errand a couple of weeks ago Scott and I spotted a new portion of asphalt less than a mile from the apartment. We stared, speechless. The ribbon of asphalt was too small for vehicles and looked suspiciously like…a running path. Seriously? 17 miles within 2 miles of our front door wasn’t enough?

Husband has since explored the new route, and while only about a mile and a quarter in length, it is definitely a trail. The greenway movement has followed me to Kansas, and I couldn’t be happier. Well…if the temperatures would just dip down into the 70’s and STAY THERE, I might be able to squeeze in another drop or two of joy. Hint hint… 🙂


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