Why I’m a Terrible Blogger, and Other Revelations

I have about 8 “exercise-related” posts going. There’s one on nutrition, one on hobbits, one on shoes, one on general exercise…let’s just say that I have wonderful intentions to keep this blog going and preserve — if only in the teeniest, most insignificant way — its status as a “running” blog.

The problem — I keep getting distracted. There’s work, which is busy. There’s LilRunr, who is growing fast and fascinating me more and more each day. TThere’s house-hunting in Kansas, which is great good fun as it’s primarily in the “window shopping” phase. (I love looking at houses…putting your name on the dotted line promising to make a certain payment for 30 years is where things get, well, less fun.) There’s the fact that it’s Fall now, which makes me want to be outside instead of dutifully crafting blog posts.

Those are the reasons why I’m a terrible blogger. I’ll try to do better, but I make no promises. That’s a lot of distractions, people.

In other news, Scott and I found out yesterday that we’re having…A BOY! The ultrasound was fun — all of the measurements and development lined up perfectly for where LilRunr is supposed to be, and we found out that he is not only a he but also a super active little guy. I really thought we were having a girl, but I don’t mind being wrong. I’m just thrilled that everything is on track and that Scott go to see our son. Good times. đŸ™‚

In other other news, I’ve been exercising semi-regularly since the weather took a turn for the better. Some days I just walk, other days I walk/jog, and it feels fantastic to be more active. The other morning, I saw a couple pushing a stroller and walking a dog. They were completely bundled up, and I thought, “it’s a little cold to have a baby out here!” and then patted myself on the back for the kicking in of motherly instinct…or was it meddlesomeness? Hmm. Don’t answer that. I passed the stroller, ran a few more blocks to my turnaround, and headed back towards the couple. As I got closer, I saw not one but two dogs snuggled into the carriage. Wow. Just wow. Doesn’t that defeat the purpose of walking the dog?


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