Random Crazy or Crazy Random

Poor, neglected blog. It’s not that I don’t love you anymore, it’s just that I get distracted. There’s a lot going on. It’s also just that I’ve had a couple of weeks where extracurricular computer time has seemed like the WORST IDEA EVER. Stare at the screen all day AND all night? No, thank you. I refuse, however, to let more than a month go in between posts…even if what I eventually post is bound to be incredibly random and maybe even a little crazy.

Here’s what’s been happening in Megan Land (I almost wrote, “what you missed,” but that seemed pretty arrogant…):

  • We sold the house in South Carolina back in October. This is an enormous relief  — I probably don’t have to describe how un-fun it is to be paying double living expenses. The ol’ homestead was only on the market for four months, which in this market is nearly miraculous but for two expectant first-time parents waiting to buy a house in their new state of residence, it felt like FOREVER. I would get irritated when no one would look at the house. Then I’d get irritated by the people who’d look at the house and say, “Oh, it’s beautiful and so well-maintained and we love it…but it only has three bedrooms.” Uh, no duh. That is what the description said. Did you think we were lying? That there was a magical, invisible room? That I was going to haul my pregnant self back there to tack on an addition? Then, we had someone come back to look at it a second time…and put an offer down…and want to close in three weeks…and they already had a buyer for their house. Hallelujah!
  • Selling the house in South Carolina means that we’re now looking for a house in Kansas, and it’s going about as well as you’d imagine a search would go when it involves two picky people looking for a longterm home while somewhat dismayed over the decreased “stretch” of their dollar in this new state. We’ve uncovered some potentials, but we’re not ready to make an offer on any of them just yet. And…as I try not to remind Scott constantly (since I’m sure it’s on his mind anyway and he doesn’t need the added pressure), the clock is ticking. Two clocks — the Apartment Lease Countdown and the LilRunr Arrival Countdown.
  • Speaking of, LilRunr is doing just great. I had a doctor’s appointment a couple of weeks ago, and all of my measurements and whatnot are on track. LilRunr’s heartbeat is nice and strong and within the normal range, and he’s starting to be quite a bit more noticeable in his movements. For about an hour in the morning, after lunch, and when I go to bed, I believe he must be practicing some form of martial arts. I’ve only got another week and a half before I’ll be in the third trimester, which is requiring me to consider the conclusion to this whole little adventure — the little dude’s arrival. Um…guess I’ll soon be able to throw my two cents into the whole “marathon vs. labor” debate? Ok, I’m not gonna lie. It scares me. A lot. Right now, though, I’m trying to focus on the fun and the cute — Scott talking to the little guy, being able to fit into maternity clothes (you wouldn’t think this would be anything to cheer about, but there was a month or so where normal clothes fit awkwardly and maternity clothes fit not at all…it’s a relief to be out of the “in between” phase!), feeling him move and trying to guess whether that was a pointy elbow (just like his dad’s) or a roundhouse kick, all of that good stuff.
  • I, um, sort of gave up on running when the belly made its formal appearance. Call me a wimp, but it’s not that pleasant to to run with the extra weight pulling me all out of kilter. I’ve settled for walking, which is much more comfortable, although when Scott goes with me he wonders how I can walk so fast when I have my running shoes on and yet complain about his long legs leaving me in the dust when we go shopping. Well, THIS is walking for exercise, and THAT is not. I think he still wonders.
  • Things are freaking me out a bit right now. My brain bounces around between: Christmas? Oh, man! When are we going to have time to go shopping? ……ok, Megan. Just calm down and focus on getting the house. Focus……………LOOK! SOMETHING SHINY! And by the way, you really need to grab Scott and go register for baby stuff. People are going to be having showers in January (probably?) and it’s going to be hard for guests to buy gifts if there’s no registry to look at! ……but, a house. We really need a house. CHRISTMAS IS JUST AROUND THE CORNER! AUGGGGGGHHHHH!!! And so it goes. Obviously, my “problems” are laughable. Everything I’m stressing over is going to have a positive, happy conclusion. We really are blessed, I just need to find a way to tone down the freakout and embrace the chaos. Somehow.

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