A Series of Numbered Lists, Part 1: 2010 in Review

Ugh, I hate falling behind on the blog. Now there’s so much to say that I despair of ever catching up, and saying ANYTHING seems like such a minuscule drop in the bucket that it’s not even worth it. I will persevere, however, because WordPress sent me a “2010 in Review” email with a graphic that shows just how important my blog is to those who read it:

Clearly, I need to hop back on the blogging bandwagon.

In a desperate attempt to regain momentum, I’m going to try for a couple of posts this week. They will be formatted as — you guessed it — numbered lists. Today’s list is:

2010 in Review, or a By-the-Numbers Explanation of Why I sort of Quit Blogging in July

by Megan

  1. January — Scott had ankle surgery; I was up to 22 miles in my marathon training plan; I was blogging several times a week…I’m not sure which of those seems crazier now!
  2. February — Myrtle Beach turned into the “marathon that wasn’t,” so perpetual marathon training continues
  3. March — I finally, finally, FINALLY finished a marathon
  4. April — I begin pondering what comes after a marathon; my brother attempts to become a guest author but loses interest after a post or two
  5. May — Scott has an interview with a certain engineering firm in Kansas; 66% of the posts I write for the month discuss motivational issues or how much I hate running…yup, the post-marathon blahs continue
  6. June — Scott accepts the job, moves to Kansas, and begins living a nomadic life in guest rooms and basements of various friends and family members; I decide to pretend to train for a marathon in order to get back to “serious running”…oh, and keep the house looking nice so it sells QUICKLY and figure out my future employment
  7. July — I boycott July as a blogging month because it’s too hot for running and also because a million things are going on that I can’t talk about on the Internet yet; in real life, I’m preparing to move to Kansas and leave a vacant, for-sale house behind…I’m also coping with morning sickness
  8. August — Scott had this news sprung on him two days into the start of his new job, but it’s finally time to tell the Internet that we’re PREGNANT!!!; I change “jogging” for “walking” after I pass out following a workout one hot August morning; morning sickness drops my weight into near-college-running levels and is seriously kicking my butt; I begin working from home; Scott begins studying for a big ol’ scary engineering test; my brother gets engaged
  9. September — I attend a Blues Festival, a pre-season football game, and a baseball game…all in one week…and all part of the fun of being home!; morning sickness begins toying with me…one day I’m feeling OK, the next day the nausea returns with a taunting, “PSYCH!”
  10. October — We find out that we’re having a little boy; the house in South Carolina sells (yes! yes! yes!); Scott undergoes the 8-hour trial known as the Professional Engineering Exam; we begin looking for a house in Kansas
  11. November — We find a lovely, 4-bedroom house with office space for me and a fenced-in backyard for Scott & Son…closing is set for two days before Christmas, and the hustle to complete paperwork and inspections and whatnot begins; we attend 3 family Thanksgivings in 2 days
  12. December — We move from apartment to house on schedule; I intend to use part of my week off from work to catch up on the blog but instead focus on un-catching a cold and getting a few boxes unpacked; I’m in my third trimester now, entering the “boy, it looks like you’re carrying a basketball under your shirt” phase and when doctor’s visits begin coming every two weeks; we find out that Scott passed the big ol’ scary engineering test…WOOT!

And that’s my 2010. I kn0w that this hasn’t been a year that many people want to remember, but for us it’s meant overwhelmingly momentous and great changes. I can’t believe it’s 2011!



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