A Series of Numbered Lists, Part 2: House Things

Buying a house can be a terrifying experience. You find a place that meets your needs and (hopefully) hits at least a few of the “things I want” checklist. “This is a nice house,” you think to yourself. Ok, so it doesn’t have the perfectly level driveway (perfect for the installation of a basketball goal) that my husband dreams of, and maybe the kitchen is a little weird…HOWEVER, it has plenty of space, all of the fixtures and whatnot have already been upgraded, the basement is finished, it’s in a good neighborhood, and it has a deck and a fenced backyard. WE’LL TAKE IT!

So then you have an inspection, and the inspector basically tells you that you’re a genius, the house is perfect, and way to make a sound financial investment. You pat yourself on the back, sign the 10,000 papers necessary to get a mortgage, and move in.

Then, stuff happens. Your husband can’t help but hear occasional train whistles. The floor creaks. The downstairs window is drafty. The water dispenser for the refrigerator has one mode, and it is “trickle.” The doorbell doesn’t work…or it does, if a “buzz” punctuated by periodic, muted beeps counts as working. “How did we not notice this?” you wonder. “Did we rush into buying the house?” Combine the growing to-do list with the doubts and the general stress of moving — oh, and the fact that we have around eight weeks until the arrival of LilRunr — and you begin to wonder if buying a house was such a genius idea, after all.

Such is home ownership. The to-do list isn’t some sort of bad omen. I know. Just to keep myself from focusing too much on what needs to be done and fixed and changed, however, here’s a list of things I like about my house:

  1. The kitchen has a pantry…an actual pantry with real shelves and a built-in spice rack. Love!
  2. No more apartment-sized appliances. The butter drawer in the fridge is actually big enough to hold a standard-sized container of butter. Wow!
  3. The kitchen sink is situated in such a way as to make it possible for me to watch TV while I wash dishes.
  4. The living room is cozy and comfortable, especially since Scott put up decorations last night.
  5. The master bedroom has this really cool tray lighting.
  6. The master bedroom has three closets. THREE. CLOSETS. Obviously, two of them are mine. 🙂
  7. Speaking of closets, I’m still not sure how many there are in the house. Each bedroom has at least one walk-in closet and some have more. Most of the bathrooms have closets, and there’s this gigantic specimen downstairs that I just stand and marvel at. So much space!
  8. We have a “man cave.” It doesn’t have any furniture yet (and obviously LilRunr is taking precedence), but someday it will be a movie-watching, sports-themed, game-playing place of awesomeness.
  9. There’s an extra fridge in the basement. There’s nothing there now, but I just like knowing that it’s there. 🙂
  10. Reminiscent of our SC house, this one backs to pasture instead of other homes, which gives us a happy feeling of having personal space.
  11. A little more deja vu…this neighborhood has a fitness trail, too! I haven’t (cough cough) exactly taken advantage of this yet, but it’s paved and will be a great place to go for a walk with LilRunr come spring. Or for running…because, you know, I used to do that.
  12. It’s not an apartment. We have our own walls, and the cats are LOVING IT. It’s adorable to watch them run up and down the stairs and find all their new favorite places to hang out. The small, neurotic cat spends most of her time exploring contentedly and purring. As I said…adorable.

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