You might think that my sudden absence from the blog would indicate that I was off having a baby, but you’d be wrong. I’m still pregnant. Very, very, very pregnant. 39 weeks and 3 days pregnant, in fact. Around week 37 I thought that I had at last maxed out the belly. Turns out that’s something I was wrong about. Very, very, very wrong. I have nearly outgrown Scott’s old running t-shirts…and there are about 3 MATERNITY shirts that are long enough to avoid becoming awkward midriff tops. NOW I understand why maternity shirts seemed so long to me at 5 months.

It was in preparation for this. Holy moly.

The good news is that since I work from home I don’t need to worry about supplementing my “real” wardrobe to accommodate frequent forays out in public. I can make do with the rapidly dwindling supply of non-skin-baring tops, just as I’m making do with two pairs of jeans. As I leave the house about twice a week, that math computes.

My due date is this Friday, but I’m not holding out much hope that the baby will actually arrive on time. It seems like most first babies arrive after their due date and I don’t want to assume something is going to happen when it will, in all likelihood, not. That would be a bummer. In addition, LilRunr’s Gram Gram (oh boy, would she hate it if that’s what I had the lad call her!) has requested that he NOT arrive tomorrow and his Daddy has put in a request for “anytime after Wednesday.” Gram Gram wants to go play bingo, and Daddy is trying to get to a good place at work before taking a little time off with mother and son. I have relayed these requests, but I’m not really sure that he’s accepting them.

Besides, we all know that MY scheduling abilities have…um…SUCKED. Four of  my last five doctor’s appointments had to be hastily rescheduled in order to avoid 6, 7, 13, or 4 inches of snow. Since I scheduled them in blocks WAY in advance, this makes me either the unluckiest person West of the Mississippi or the most accurate meteorologist out there.

Anyone care to guess when my next doctor’s appointment — which I scheduled a full month ago — is?

I'll give you a hint: it's not today, or tomorrow, or Wednesday...

If you guessed “Thursday afternoon,” you’re right!

Ok, so I seriously doubt there will be enough precipitation to make driving dangerous, but this is Kansas we’re talking about. By the time Thursday rolls around, they may be calling for bunches of snow. At any rate, I find it amusing that Thursday is the ONLY day this week with an expectation for rain/snow. I’m awesome.


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  1. I can’t believe I just found your blog. I was right where you are now a few months back. Enjoy it because it is going to go fast. We have a great deal in common- not just a name. MY daughter is 4 months old and I am also a runner. I will be stopping by your blog more often:) Good luck.

  2. Hi, Meggan! Thanks for visiting the blog, and for paving the way for fellow pregnant running Megans like me. 🙂 I’m definitely going to have to read more of your training posts to find out what I can expect after the baby gets here and I’m trying to get back into running!

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