He’s Here!

Well, it’s official — Scott and I are parents. LilRunr graced us with his presence at 7:44am on March 6. He’s 7 pounds, 14 ounces, 20 3/4 inches long, and (I think) absolutely beautiful. So far,  he’s been a very mellow and curious little guy…but that could be more from exhaustion (being born is hard work!) than an actual personality trait.

As for me, I’m recovering and more than a little tired myself. I can also now weigh in on the whole “which is harder, a marathon or labor?” debate. My opinion — labor all the way. Period.

As for Scott, he was the perfect support person and has taken to fatherhood like a champ. And he was worried he wouldn’t be able to stick it out in the delivery room. He underestimated himself.

And now, the LilRunr:


Mommy's Little Burrito

His first check-up...heart and lungs sound great!


3 responses

  1. He’s beautiful! Tell me when i can come see him. And if there is ANYTHING else I can do for you or Scott. You’re gonna be amazing parents.

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