Comeback Trail

It has been three weeks since this arrived:


Little chubby cheeks, I just want to pinch you...

What, write a blog post without a picture of the baby? Yeah, right! And look at the sweet little asleep face. Awww…

Anyway, because it’s been a whole three weeks since we became a family of three, I’ve been thinking seriously about my physical fitness and doing something to deserve the “runr” in my name. This commitment to running and cardiovascular fitness in general can be observed in the following well-thought-out training plan.

Or…more accurately…

After spending 15 consecutive days inside the house obsessing over an adorable infant and managing only intermittent sleep, I had a raging headache that just would not quit. After dealing with the irritation in my usual way (whining) for three days, it finally occurred to me that some fresh air and a little exercise might be just what the doctor (or anyone with common sense) ordered.

Common sense and not dedication explains why I started down the comeback trail this week. Workout #1 was a six-mile tempo run I mean, 10-minute walk around the neighborhood. Not the most impressive entry in the ol’ training log (assuming I had a training log), but it felt good nonetheless. It was chilly outside, which I enjoy, and I’ve dropped about 25 pounds since my last walk around the neighborhood (the day before I went into labor), which definitely made things easier.

I don’t have any definite plans for where to go from here. Summer is just around the corner, so there will not (I repeat: WILL NOT) be any marathonning on the horizon. There’s probably not even going to be any actual running in the immediate future — I’d like to give myself another week or two at the very least before finding out just how awkward and out-of-shape I am. In the meantime, I’ll try to make the “walk around the neighborhood” a more regular occurrence.

It’s probably going to be a slow comeback, but I have to expect that. I did just, um, have a baby. An even bigger factor is likely the fact that this most recent running hiatus is my longest yet. Of COURSE it’s going to take awhile to get back into shape.


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