Full Circle

On Saturday — gorgeous, blissful, springtime-fresh Saturday — Scott was getting ready to go for a run. “Hey,” he says to lazy me, who is lazing on the couch, “why don’t we take the baby?” Take the baby running? Little early for that, Husband. “No, we’ll take the baby to the trail and you two can go for a walk while I run.” For some reason, I fought this plan…probably because I’m lazy (see above) or maybe because after nearly a month of hermitude (oh, that’s a lovely made up word, meaning — “having the qualities or lifestyle of a hermit”) the thought of packing diaper bags and strollers and a baby and actually getting dressed myself sounds a tad bit overwhelming.

Scott ended up winning, and I’m so glad he did. First, it was a gorgeous day. Second, LilRunr went from ultra fussy to asleep in no time at all. (He slept through the entire walk…only making little scrunched faces when the stroller would hit a bump.) Third, it allowed us to come full circle. The last time I was on this trail, it was back when a much much MUCH tinier LilRunr was causing me to feel sick for most of the day and when the very scary fainting episode occurred. I hadn’t been back in the seven months or so since.

So on  Saturday, a 9 pound, 15 ounce, fully of this world LilRunr and I returned. I walked the exact route I had attempted to run/walk all those months ago, pushing my little guy in a stroller rather than hauling him around in my belly. It wasn’t precisely exercise (this isn’t a “jogging” type stroller, as LilRunr is too teensy and his head too floppy for that), but it was plenty of fun…even if LilRunr was completely unaware of his surroundings due to a severe attack of the naps. Actually, that might have been one of the best parts, as the dude tends to resist daytime sleep. Sweet! Also, I didn’t pass out. Sweet!

Also, I want to go run. Um…sweet?


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  1. Dude, thank you for linking to your “It’ll Mess You Up!” post. I hadn’t read it before so I ventured over and I’m glad I did. I currently have every single issue you expressed (hopefully on the down slope) and, like I’m sure most women do, keep thinking I’m the only pregnant woman to ever feel like this all the time. It helps to know that you felt as miserable as I do and still had a beautiful, healthy baby. All these women that tell me they had a perfect pregnancy make me wanna puke on them.

    And good for you getting back into the world! Gotta enjoy those pretty days while you can. It’ll probably snow tomorrow. 🙂

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