Trolley Run!

Last Sunday (not Easter, the one before…I guess that’d make it  last LAST Sunday?), Scott participated in his first race since our move back to Kansas and since his ankle surgery. It was the 4-mile Trolley Run in downtown Kansas City. Scott teetered between having high hopes — his training has been going well lately and the course is reputed to be mostly downhill — and trying not to expect too much from his first race back.

In the end, he opted to run with my brother and just have some fun…running nearly a minute under his goal time in the process, of course. What a great welcome back to racing, huh, Scott? 🙂

More exciting than the race itself was the fact that it was the first running event attended by this guy:

His expression may look neutral, but he loves being outside.

One thing about newborns — they make getting up at 5:30 to get ready for a race a simple task…but also an excruciating one. Simple because, you know, one of us is up every 3 hours anyway. Excruciating for the same exact reason — wait, you mean I have to STAY up? No fair!

Another thing about newborns — it takes more effort to get them ready to watch a race than it takes the person who’s actually going to be running. We’re getting better at packing a diaper bag with all the essentials — bottles, blankets, extra clothes, toys, pacifier, burp cloths, diapers, wipes. Then there’s the stroller and — of course — the car seat with the tiny one securely harnessed inside. And we’re getting MUCH better at the intricate ballet that is transporting an infant from house to car to stroller without misplacing any of his “essentials” or the infant himself.

Once we got him to the race, I was so glad we did. LilRunr loves to be outside. Even when the day is slightly chilly (like last Sunday), we just bundle him up, give him a stylish stocking cap and a warm, fuzzy blanket and he’s happy as a clam. A content, quiet, relaxed, and often asleep clam. The noise from the crowds and the occasionally bumpy sidewalk didn’t bother him in the least. He even snoozed through mommy’s epic failure as a spectator.

See the above picture? Those are the leaders. I was trying to line it up so I could get a picture of Scott running by his baby. It was going to be awesome…but it never happened. At the very least, you’d assume that I managed to cheer for my husband during his first race in two years. But no, you’d be wrong. That never happened, either.

What happened is that, soon after taking this picture, my brother’s wife joined me outside and we started chatting. Really, it’s all Scott’s fault for being closer to the leaders than I anticipated, but one minute I’m taking a picture of the leaders and the next minute I hear, “hi, LilRunr!” and look up to see Scott already past us.


To make sure that the situation took an even more comedic turn, I had just time to turn to Sis-in-Law and say, “Dang it! We missed him!” before my brother ran by.

Dang it again! We missed both of them!

And of course, as we were discussing THAT, I hear “hi, LilRunr!” once more. What the? That time, we’d missed the approach of a friend from college.

Epic. Spectator. Failure. The moral of the story is that I should be less distracted and actually pay more attention to what’s happen– hey, here’s some more pictures of our baby!

Megarunr, LilRunr, and KCMO

My two favorite boys.


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  1. Right now, he’s mastering “awareness of one’s own hands” and exploring basic self motion (turning his head and flopping onto his side)…but yeah, it would be really neat if he wanted to run.

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