Random Thoughts

So, in the time I have before LilRunr gets bored of his swing and wants to sleep on mommy, a few random thoughts:

  • Tornadoes are scary. My heart goes out to those in Joplin — I went to school not far from there and have visited Rangeline on many occasions. The pictures of the destruction are hard to see.
  • It’s not that I expected LilRunr’s first words to be comprehensible English, but I admit I was expecting more “happy baby babbling” than “901 ways to whine.” It seems like everything that comes out of that boy’s mouth these days is plaintive and sad, leaving me on a constant quest to make him feel better/comfortable/happy. “Does that noise mean you’d like a diaper change? Food? Sleep? New outfit? An “adventure” outside the house? A toy? To have the toy taken away? Please, please, please tell me!” I also sort of expected his voice to be higher pitched than it is. His most happy-sounding “talking” sounds a lot like the dog from “The Fox and the Hound.” Weird? Normal? I have no idea.
  • Yesterday, I was out on an “adventure” with LilRunr (read: he was sitting in his car seat surveying nature while I was pulling weeds and cleaning up the flower beds) when it started to sprinkle. LilRunr was snug as a little bug in his car seat and wasn’t even getting wet, so I thought, “meh, I’ll just finish up here before we go inside.” In one of his quick-as-lightning mood shifts, the little one started to protest his until-recently enjoyable commune with nature. “You want to go inside, dude? Ok, we’ll go inside. We’re on the move!” With that, I picked up the car seat and the wails stopped as soon as I started walking……..to be replaced by the wails of the tornado siren. YIKES! So much for “just sprinkles.” I dashed inside to find out that a pretty serious thunderstorm had already let loose a funnel cloud two towns over. Lil and I went to the basement like sensible people, and fortunately the storm didn’t cause too much damage anywhere in the KC Metro. Note to self: pay more attention to the weather.
  • Have you noticed that the audiences of talk shows rarely wear prints? What’s up with that? Is it required to get in? Do they provide shirts to those not appropriately dressed? Seriously. Doesn’t matter whether it’s Rachael, or Ellen, or Oprah, the audience is overwhelmingly wearing a solid, usually bright, often primary color. I watch way too much daytime TV.
  • Hey, I’ve been running. It’s a shame I haven’t been blogging about it, but it’d mostly just be me whining about being out of shape, swallowing bugs, and getting blisters. Wah, wah. Oh, and the other day I didn’t have much time to run so I decided to see whether I could run an all-out mile in 7:00. I can’t.
  • What else, what else. I’m going to be an aunt. Am I allowed to share that on the blog, brother? Oh, well. It’s exciting and I’ve been so wrapped up in my own bizness here lately that it hasn’t really sunk in. Now that my very cute sister-in-law is sporting a little baby bump, though, it’s hard to deny. Yay!
  • I have two personal goals for the summer — to get into reasonable shape so that I can run in my alumni run this year and to drop the final 10 pounds of baby weight. This has more to do with getting back to eating healthy than anything, so it’s a good thing that summer means in-season for lots of great fruits and veggies.
  • Annnnnnnnnd THE END. I’ll be back when the little dude decides that naps are cool again.

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