Heat Index of 101? Don’t Mind if I Do!

Scott is out biking and the baby is “entertaining” himself on his activity mat…which means that I have five minutes or less to blog. Not nearly enough time for things like stories and entertainment and coherence, but enough time to say this:

I ran.

Two miles.

No walking.

At 4:30pm.

On the second “heat advisory” day we’ve had all year.

Despite the 10:00 pace, this makes me feel like a bad a**. (It’s OK that I say that because LilRunr can’t read it. Also because I censored it with asterisks. Also because when I think it to myself I think “a” instead of the actual word. Also because running in 90+ degree heat DOES make me a bad a**.) Where you at now, 100 pound college runner type girl? You can only make me look bad on days under 70 degrees? Bring that 7:00 pace back when the weather’s not perfect for running, and maybe I’ll be impressed. Psh.

Annnnnnnd, time is up. Back to mommyness.


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