It’s Been a Long Time

It’s been a very long time indeed. The last time i ran something farther than two miles — something I would consider a “long” run — had to have been before I got pregnant. It may not jave been since the marathon. Which means that my 40:32, four-mile run this morning was the first such accomplishment in over a year. Wowee.

Fortunately for me, the heat wave broke last night. It was MUCH cooler this AM when Scott all but pushed me out the door in his eagerness to have ONE of us enjoy the last coolish day we’re likely to see for awhile. (Sidenote: husband’s foot is aggravated again so he’s doing PT in an attempt to make it happy. It’s “bike only” for him until happiness has been achieved.)

It was fun being able to travel beyond the confines of the neighborhood. Sure, it was only four miles, but that’s twice what I normally run and a whole lot farther than zero. I managed to keep to my “no walking” rule and I believe my face only reached “deep blush” rather than its usual beet red shade. I owe that to the twenty degree drop in temperature for sure.

In other news, I’m starting to worry that my baby’s head is shaped funny. I’m trying to increase his tummy time and “sit up with assistance” time….anything to keep the weight off the back of his melon. I’m simultaneously dreading his four month doctor’s visit (“this child must wear one of those head-shaping helmet things because you’re a terrible mother!) and wondering if I should call to make sure they don’t need to evaluate him sooner. I’m probably overreacting. I usually do.

Speaking of the manchild, he has learned two important life skills this week. The first one is blowing bubbles with his saliva. The second is making a “click” noise with his tongue. He is incredibly proud of both of these. He has also realized that life is much more fun if you view the world from a seated rather than a prone position. He loves this new perspective. He’s now wearing 6-9 month clothes and weighs 16 pounds. Oh, and a couple of times he’s made an “m” sound. Whenever he says “mo”, I pretend like he’s trying to say “mom.” 🙂 Then’ Scott always looks at the boy and says, “father.” Drake looks back and says “ooooooooo.” Or, even better, “mo.” Hehehehehe. Love it. There’s no denying it — he is growing up. Fast. And we love the little mini Scott to pieces.

That’s all I have. We’ll see if I can get out and run inthe rain tomorrow to complete my first week’s training


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