A Very Memorable Two Mile Run

I ran two miles this morning — clearing it with Scott first as I always do to make sure that he had the time and the energy to go on baby duty during my absence — but he doesn’t remember. Nope. No siree Bob. He got home from work today and said, “so, do you need to run or can I go bike?” Uh, dude. I already ran. “Really?” You don’t remember? “No.” I asked you first, then I was gone twenty minutes, then I came back and asked if you wanted me to water the grass? And you said yes so I watered the grass? You don’t remember any of that? “Oh. Yeah. Kinda.”

Kinda?! Well, I’m ever so glad to be memorable. For real, though, all these two mile runs are blending together. I need to do something to spice up my training. Like increase my mileage. Or go to a park to run a different route every once in awhile. Or wear a funny hat.

All excellent ideas. I’ll keep you posted.


2 responses

  1. So true…but these days, I’m too much of a chicken to even run in just my sport bra and shorts. Wait…….chicken? Costume? I think I just had and idea. 🙂

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