Biggest Loser

So, you know how I started training in earnest two weeks ago? (In Mommy World, that translates to running three and four days a week for the past two weeks.) Yeah, well. My starting weight two weeks ago was 126.8 pounds. I stepped on the scale this morning (I meant to do it yesterday morning, and then do a post every Monday documenting the weight loss, but one thing led to another and apparently Mommy World is a black hole that distorts all sense of time. So I weighed myself today instead.) and internally heard that annoying beeping noise that is the soundtrack to the real “Biggest Loser” weigh-ins:

beep (126)
beep (132)
beep (87)
beep (210)
beep (…)

You like how my mental imaginings also included random and often unrealistic weights that accompanied the only-in-my-head beeps? Yeah, I’m awesome. Anyway. Here’s the NOT imaginary number the scale showed me:


I gained a half pound(ish)? But…but…I thought I was going to be blogging about my weight going DOWN. I’m such a loser…but not the right kind of loser! Grr. Oh, well. Running is good. Running is the more important thing. But if I see a 1-3-something again, so help me…


One response

  1. Time to make you feel good in either the “misery loves company” sort of way or the “loving brother with an exercise physesque background” sort of way.

    You’re putting on a tiny bit of muscle while taking of a tiny bit of fat which is going to increase weight but be overall better for you (and set you up to lose more down the road).

    Also, I have experienced the same phenom. I started running six weeks ago at 180, and I am now…..181. However, I feel better and can run up to 10 miles now. So what are ya gonna do, eh? 🙂

    Love ya sis.

    Bro Schmo.

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