Reasons My Baby is Awesome…Also, I am Re-Addicted to Blogging

So, it turns out that the more I blog, the more things I think of to blog about, which is probably just my way of nicely trying to say that I like to talk about myself. Ah, well. Here I am! Again!

I have this friend that I email randomly throughout the week, pretty much whenever a thought pops into my head that I feel the need to share with SOMEONE. Things like, “did you see ‘Biggest Loser’ already because I want to whine about it,” and “hey, do you know where I’d get this fancy French ingredient so I can make a birthday dinner for my sister-in-law,” and “I saw two people wearing running skirts today and it made me want to cry,” and, very frequently, lists of “reasons why my baby is awesome.” It started when she was training for a half marathon and I lived far, far away so email was the best way to communicate training plans and advice, but now we’re in the same general urban area and our towns even start with the same letter (that’s relevant, I’m almost positive) and we could actually see each other and talk, but no. She is my email friend. Except when she comes over and lets my baby pee on her. Which isn’t one of the reasons he’s awesome, by the way. It doesn’t detract from the awesomeness, though. He can’t help it if occasionally his mother puts his diaper on wrong or uses a stupid, leak-prone brand. He’s a baby. An awesome baby!

Well, it occurred to me that really I’m doing the world a disservice and EVERYONE needs to hear about how awesome my baby is. Because he’s awesome! An awesome baby!

Topping the list right now is the fact that the sounds “ma ma” came out of his mouth last night and YES, I know that he has no idea what he’s saying or that it applies to me, the smaller of his two caretakers. Prior to this, however, the closest he’d gotten was “mo,” so I’m pretty excited. And NO, I did not document it because I didn’t know those magical sounds were going to emanate from him and NO, there were no witnesses besides the cat, and she refuses to back me up. Obviously, Scott doesn’t believe it happened but he’s just jealous that the “m” sound is so much easier for the lad to say than the “d” sound.

He’s also awesome because he’s just such a sweet, fun-loving little guy. If you keep the lad fed, dry, rested, and cool, he’ll reward you with all kinds of silly behavior. He laughs, he smiles, he carries on conversations, he makes silly faces…and he’s just such a good boy. We take him to restaurants with us and he’ll just chill out in his carseat and watch the world go by. It’s so much fun to watch him discover the world and find delight in doing so. He’s recently learned that he has legs and that he can lift them WAY up high and grab his feet with his hands. He’s begun to prefer sitting up to lying down — he’ll protest if I hold him like a “baby” and want to be sitting in my arms instead. It’s a much better position to see the world from. I think we’re very, very close to some “movement” breakthroughs in the next couple of weeks, too. I’ve been noticing him kicking one leg off the floor like he’s trying to get enough momentum to roll over, he loves it when someone helps him “stand” and can even keep some weight on his legs,  and in general he’s just much more wiggly.

And of course I think he’s awesome because he’s down to one wake-up a night or less. There have been many times now where I put him in his crib slightly drowsy after a bottle and bath around 8:00pm and not heard anything out of him until 6:00 or 6:30 the following morning. Hooray! Thank you, little boy! One time, I thought I had to go wake him up to get ready to go to my mom’s for the day, and when I opened the door to his room he was looking contentedly up at his mobile, wide awake. He turned towards the door at the sound of my entrance and gave me this look like, “oh, hi. What are you doing here? I’m just fine.”

Then, when I consider the over-the-top cuteness that is this chubby, long, getting slightly less bald every day, blue-eyed boy…well, to say I “love” him just isn’t strong enough.

This week, he finally learned how to lift his head while on his tummy. He's extremely proud of this feat. So am I! He's also turning his "game face" on the baby in the mirror and maybe drooling a little.

You can't tell, but his shirt says "Happy." He has another that says "Crabby," but this is the more accurate of the two.

The baby Tour de France outfit actually came FROM FRANCE and was one of my favorite baby shower gifts. It sat in a place of honor on a shelf until I realized that it was size 6 Months. Got it on him and took a picture just before the growth spurt propelled him towards 9 Month clothes. Whew!


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