The Problem With Speed Workouts

I have a problem with speed workouts. Well, maybe two. Problem #1 — they hurt. Problem #2 — I only have one “speed.” This makes doing things like, oh, intervals, and threshold runs, and fartleks, and whatnot somewhat complicated. There’s “easy” pace, and then there’s “I’m gonna die!” pace.

I managed to both stay alive and run one mile at 8:30 pace yesterday afternoon, two achievements I’m rather proud of. Or was, until I returned home…because, well…

Oh, ok, there’s a third problem — I keep forgetting to look at the fancy shmancy workout plan I made up for myself. I’ve been dutifully running two miles all week, and it turns out that this was supposed to be the week I stepped it up to three miles. Oops. I was also supposed to do 4x800m yesterday, not a measly 1 mile threshold run. Oops again. You know, since I went to all the trouble of making up said training plan, it might be advisable for me to actually look at it from time to time. Just an idea.


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