Cute Things to Say to a Girl While Running

TRAINING NOTE: Hey, I ran 4 days last week. I know, right! I was still a couple miles off my training plan, but whatever. Still good.

So maybe I sort of like to occasionally check out my WordPress stats…or maybe I’m obsessed with seeing what the most popular posts are, what people are searching to get here, what sites are giving me traffic, and how many people visit. Maybe. Well, a couple of weeks ago I noticed this gem:

cute things to say to a girl while running

Interesting. I’m sure that the words “girl” and “running” occur fairly regularly around here, so that makes sense. What I really like, though, is the way this search string is phrased: the individual wants to know CUTE things to say to a running girl. Not obscene things, or annoying things, or malicious things. CUTE things. I’m on board with this type of research. In addition, they’re not looking for things to say to a CUTE girl. No sirree. The searcher isn’t hung up on external appearances. I’m on board with that, too.

What’s sad is that, at this point, my blog isn’t exactly a valid resource. So sad…and not so easily remedied, because I’ve heard far more “non-cute” things in my time than cute things. (See below. These all actually happened to me.)

NON-Cute Things to Say to a Girl While Running

  • Whistles, hoots, and other non-verbal signs of physical attraction. Not cute.  
  • “No titties!” Not cute.
  • “Nice a**!” Better than the previous example, but still — not cute.
  • “Hey, baby.” Not your baby. Not cute.
  • “My friend really thinks you’re hot, will you be his girlfriend?” He appears to be 10. Disturbing, not cute. What is happening to kids these days?
  • “Hey, baby, need a ride?” I am running for a reason, and currently that reason is to get away from your creepy self. And again…NOT your baby!
  • “B****!” I don’t even know you. Wow.

In fact, when I try to think of “cute” things, I only come up with one entry, and it may not be cute so much as it’s “funny” and “creative” and “at least doesn’t involve anyone calling me baby.” It happened in college, when a teammate and I were running past a frat house. I was already dreading whatever was going to come out of one frat boy’s mouth when he surprised me with:

Cute Thing(s) to Say to a Girl While Running

  • “Hey, ladies, running is an excellent activity for promoting cardiovascular health! Way to go!” Nice.
So, random searcher, I apologize that I’m not much help. Based on my (mostly bad) experiences, I think some general rules are:
  1. Be creative.
  2. Be nice.
  3. Avoid references to specific body parts.

One response

  1. I’m happy to hear someone else share the inane comments they’ve received while running. Someone, a female mind you, once yelled “SHOWOFF!” I replied for the entire intersection to hear, “FATA**!” Not my proudest moment, but I felt somehow more cheerful after that.

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