Cuteness Update

Someone just searched for “how things I am cute” and landed at my blog.

Um……..I’ve got nothing for you. Sorry. Proceed to the next search item.

“how things I am cute” What does that even mean, anyway?

how things I am cute

how things I am cute

OH! I got it! “who thinks I am cute”? That’s it, isn’t it? Who thinks I am cute? Really? Is Google supposed to know that? (breaks out computer voice) “Processing…processing…three results. Josh O., Stanley Q., and your mom think you are cute. Did you mean, ‘who thinks I am NOT cute?’ 77 results.”

Wow. I’m also going to assume that “how things” instead of “who thinks” is a product of autocorrect on some kind of mobile device and not just really poor spelling, because the latter makes me sad. So sad.


This just in: LilRunr is getting cuter by the day.

On this day, 8 years ago, Scott and I became Mr. and Mrs. Eight years later, he was sneaking into my office at 6:00am to leave me Starburst jelly beans, Fanta, Wii Winter Olympics (DeAnna — I KNOW! Bring Winter Olympics Buddy! We need to play!), and a very sweet card. He’s such a thoughtful guy. I love him and love that we get to raise LilRunr together.

Happy 8th Anniversary to Us!

P.S. Who knew that a post so snarky could turn into something so cute? Awww…


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