Weekly Weigh-In & Other Random Info

This week’s weigh-in: 125.6
Change from last week: -0.2 pounds
Change from start: -1.2 pounds

I ran 3 miles yesterday. It was fairly warm but didn’t feel too bad. Guess I’m getting used to it? Or maybe drinking water instead of Pepsi yesterday was a good decision? The rest of the week is represented in the forecast by the word “hot” ON FIRE, so we’ll see just how much a heat a person can get used to.

In other news, I doubt anyone noticed (don’t we all use Reader?) but I’ve added a Twitter feed to the blog. I had resisted Twitter because I never saw a real use for it, but now I have one — tiny training updates. Now, if all I have to say is “ran 2 miles,” I can say it and not have to think of something else to try to round put a blog post. And if I have what I feel is a fun, silly story, I don’t have to interrupt it for training tidbits.

So. Anyone who’s interested in that sort of thing can find me at “megarunr” on Twitter or see the last five tweets in the blog’s sidebar.


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