No One Ever Reads Posts On Fridays

They don’t, which means that I can just clean house and throw a bunch of incoherent mess in here to get it out of the way, and no one will even notice.

It’s my birthday today, and Burger King gave me a diet Dr. Pepper instead of a regular. Boo! I would have complained (I’m a seasoned whiner) but LilRunr was waking up and it wasn’t worth the wrath of hungry baby to go around the drive-thru line again. I guess the universe wants me to drink water, but it’s a bit confusing because last week we were under a boil order and drinking the water made me feel not so good. MAKE UP YOUR MIND, UNIVERSE!

Weight: 125 lbs
Change from last week: -0.6 lbs
Total weight lost: 1.8 lbs

With the amount of nothing I did this week, I can only assume that I was dehydrated…or actively exchanging heavier muscle for the flabbiest of flab. Sigh. Although I did buy some shorts today and they’re a size down from the desperation “comfy” ones I bought 2 months ago when I realized I couldn’t fit into anything else.

I was watching the Nate Berkus show today and they were helping people find jeans that fit. This “expert” was explaining that the first jean evil was “mom jeans.” She then said that these were, “two words that are bad in any context.” Um…excuse me? You know what that just sounded like, right? It sounded like you just said that “mom” was a bad word. Nice.

Operation Get Really Fast has been postponed due to lack of interest…and summer. Sorry, Bob. Guess we won’t be running buddies after all.

Lil had his 4 month check-up this week. The results: he’s healthy and in the 97th percentile for height. He’s grown 3 inches in 2 months. Holy moly! I think another growth spurt may be upon us, because his appetite has surged this week…as I know to my sorrow, because it means that the desire for a 2-3:00 am bottle is back. Ah, well. Gotta keep the kid fed. If this is any indication for his eventual height, it’s safe to say that he’s taking after his dad rather than his shrimpy mom.


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  1. Hello, people searching for “what kind of jeans were on the Nate Berkus show.” I don’t know what Nate was actually wearing, but the ones they gave out to the audience were all Levis.

    The End

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