What Have I Done?

I sent back my registration form for my college’s alumni race — something I’ve been looking forward to since moving back to Kansas — and as soon as the envelope fell through the jaws of the mailbox I thought: “you fool! What have you done?”

You see, this is no casual alumni RUN like my high school’s event two weekends ago. (And which I intend to write about eventually, but it’s a post that involves pictures and videos and who has that much time to spend blogging? Have I mentioned that LilRunr’s new wake up time is 4:30am? This might have something to do with a lack of motivation on all levels.) Oh, no. It’s an alumni RACE.

Which also happens to serve as a time trial for the current team, a whole flock of young, skinny, fast girls.

And I don’t even know if any other “old folks” are running.

And the men’s and women’s events are separate, so I can’t even hope for a couple of old slowbies from the guy’s side to hang with.

Nope, it could very well be 10-12 college runners intent on impressing coach in the first “race” of the season…………..and me.

Megan! You crazy fool.


One response

  1. You’re braver than I am! Lucy’s almost 11 months old (yikes!) and I stil haven’t raced yet. Boulder has WAAAAYYY too many fast skinny people and I’m scared of them.

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