AM to PM

I have not been running much lately.

I have not been in a particularly good mood.

I’ve begun to think semi-seriously (again) about shaving my head.

Add it all up, and what do you get? Oh. It must be SUMMER. Barf. That time of year when the weather forecast is depicted by a blazing red sun…or the word “hot” on fire…or eggs and bacon, fried on a sidewalk. Oh. I don’t think I’ve seen that one yet. But this:


…is something I dislike a little more every year. We’re on Day 6 of these temperatures, and there’s to be a two-day “cool down” on Sunday when the high is only anticipated to be 96. Goody. As a concession to the season, Scott and I began running every other day during the precious, merely warm instead of broiling, early-morning hours. All was going according to plan until LilRunr decided it was time for ANOTHER growth spurt and began waking me at 2:00-3:30am for a feeding. The first time this happened, he woke at 10:30 AND 2:30, making me think I’d have to play the “tough mom” and convince the lad to go back to sleep on his own. I entered his room armed with a pacifier only to discover, as I leaned over his crib, that his stomach was growling. Poor guy. He’s doing a LOT of growing. I fed him, and he immediately went back to sleep…not waking for the day until 7:30am. After that, we had five days in a row of the 3:00ish wake-up call. I was beginning to think we were getting into a new and unwanted (for me) habit, when the feeding frenzy ended just as abruptly as it had begun. LilRunr slept from 8:00 to 6:20 yesterday, and I’m so thankful he did!

Let me tell you, though — early morning sleep interruption is not conducive to early morning running. Not for me, at least. Scott would nudge me at 5:30am with a loving, “hey babe, you going to run?” A grumbling, incoherent response was all he got.

I thought about running when Scott got home from work, around 4:30pm. When I tweeted this, the Trophy Wife nicely reminded me that, in a best case scenario, running during the heat of the day would leave me irritated. (She knows me pretty well). And in a worst case scenario, I could end up dead.

I don’t want to be dead…but I don’t want to give up on running, either. If the AM is out due to personal inclination, and the afternoon is out for obvious reasons, where does that leave me? For several days, it left me abandoning my training plan.

Last night, I tried something new — the evening run. I headed out at 8:00pm, leaving a sleeping, contented LilRunr in his dad’s care. It was hot, muggy,  uncomfortable…but mostly shaded. I told myself that this was a good thing — shade is good, the sun setting is good, life is good. Yup.

I’m still looking forward to October, though. Fall. Crisp air. Cool breezes. A baby old enough to go riding in the jogging stroller.

And, if I can manage to keep up my training, this. More on that later.


2 responses

  1. You tweeted? What the h? No tweeting! I would never respond to a tweet! You facebooked. That, I’m onboard with. 🙂 I’m sure you tweeted it too.

    Ah…October. Fall. Cool air. I want that NOW!

  2. Ah, you got me. I did, in fact, tweet the same thing, but your response came via Facebook. I tried to give the Twitter thing a try, but I don’t update stuff nearly often enough to make it worth reading.

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