Happy 5 Months, Little Boy

This is my boy:

So happy! So cute! So much love for this growing boy...

You don’t have to tell me. He’s adorable. Oh, I know. (You can tell me this anyway, though. I happily accept any and all compliments concerning this little fella.) I get to experience this full-on cuteness day after blessed day. At five months, LilRunr can sit up on his own with only the tiniest bit of support…and by “support,” I mostly mean “a hand on the shoulder or the torso to keep him from flopping to the ground in order to see what happens.” Because at 5 months, LilRunr is all about cause and effect:

  • If I make this painful-to-the-adult-ear squealing noise, mom and dad come running to see how to turn it off.
  • If I smile, adults ooh and ahh and do all manner of silly things to keep me happy. (If he’s lying on the floor and can’t quite see me, I catch him bouncing his legs and grinning in different directions…like he thinks his smiles have magical summoning powers. He’s right, of course.)
  • If I reach out with this hand, I can knock all the blocks over/throw the stuffed animal around/knock my bottle off the table.
  • If I talk, someone talks back.
  • If I grab the kitty’s tail…well, I haven’t been able to do this yet, but I *really* want to and I just bet something will happen.
It’s been a matter of great concern to one of his grandmas that LilRunr wasn’t showing any interest in rolling over, so she’s much relieved to know that he can now roll from his back to his tummy like a champ. Scott and I view this development with pride…and just a bit of terror. There’s something a little frightening about knowing that the child may not be in the spot you left him. It’s just about time for the breakables to come off the coffee table and the baby gate to cover the stairs. LilRunr is going to be mobile soon! The next step, of course, is going to be getting from tummy to back without mom’s assistance.

LilRunr is a mostly happy, easy-going boy. Put him in a room full of people, and it’s incredible how long he’ll sit content in my arms, observing the conversation. The weather finally cooled enough for us to sit outside one afternoon, and he happily watched the roses and trees blow back and forth in the breeze while I read a book. I also get a glimpse of the rough-and-tumble boy he’ll grow up to be — he frequently “wrestles” with his favorite stuffed animal and laughs delightedly when daddy helps him walk or pretends that LilRunr’s kicks are actually moving him. Whenever he gets cranky, I just try to remember that he’s a little person. I’m not happy all the time, so it doesn’t really seem fair to expect him to be a bundle of joy every second of the day. He can get tired, or aggravated, or just plain ol’ grouchy…just like me.

Fussy or not, he does bring joy to us every second of the day. I love watching this little man grow. đŸ™‚


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