Fall? …or, A Wish List

It’s hot again. For the record, I do NOT approve. The long-range forecast claims that next week’s weather will primarily be in the seventies. I can only wish. A few other things I wish for:

  • LilRunr’s continued adjustment to daycare. His first day was yesterday, and while it wasn’t perfect it was much better than I’d feared. LilRunr cried a little when we got there–mostly from being overwhelmed by all of the activity. He was happy as long as he was held, and fortunately he took to his “teacher” very quickly. When I left, he was babbling happily to her. I called to check on him, and learned that he’d taken his bottle on schedule and even managed to sleep for 50 minutes. That’s pretty good, considering the different, noisier environment. He normally naps for 90 minutes max at home. When I went to pick him up, he gave me a big smile but seemed none the worse for the wear — certainly not the traumatized, scared little baby I’d been imagining. Whew.
  • Mama’s continued running success. I ran 5 days and 13 miles last week. I’ve only run 3 days this week, but my “off” days have included repeat attempts at yoga. Speaking of…
  • To someday NOT suck at yoga. I got a little overconfident when I managed to get through the “basic” section with some sort of positive feeling, so I moved on to the “targeted” sections. The “chair” pose completely owned me, and I found myself cussing at the DVD woman. Clearly, while I’m getting better at some of the poses, relaxation during yoga continues to elude me.
  • $1000. I’m likely going to play bingo with my mom this weekend. The jackpot is $1000. I’d like to win (duh). I told my brother that I wasn’t sure about going, because the last couple of times I went it messed up sleep for both Scott and I. I won’t get home until 10:30 or so, and it never fails that the night we stay up “late” precedes the morning LilRunr wakes up “early.” When I tried to explain this to my brother, he said, “if you can’t even outlast the BINGO LADIES, you should really reconsider your social life.” Just wait until you have a baby, buddy. You’ll understand all too well in a couple of months.
  • A fun weekend with fellow runners. My college’s Alumni Race is next Saturday (hence the renewed training efforts) and I’m looking forward to connecting with old friends. I’m pretty sure that I’ll be able to finish the 4k without walking, but not sure at all that my participation will even remotely resemble a “race.” Ah, well.
  • A healthy husband. Husband may have to have surgery again. As far as surgeries go, it’s fairly minor, and if all goes well the recovery time is much quicker than his ankle surgery a year ago. I’m still nervous, and sad that healthy, pain-free running continues to elude him.
  • A cute baby. Hey, wait! That’s not a wish…it’s a reality! đŸ™‚

    LilRunr's favorite mode of transportation...being pushed around in an empty diaper box.


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