I Have Some Good News, and I Have Some Bad News. Which Do You Want First?

Last year around Christmastime, it occurred to me that being hugely pregnant is not conducive to long walks in shopping malls and cramped drives to other shopping malls. That is, I realized that there was very little I wanted to do LESS than go Christmas shopping in the traditional way. So I made a list, and I checked it twice, and then Husband added the people I forgot and we started brainstorming for perfect Christmas presents.

It actually went very well. We bought almost everything online, took advantage of some swell deals, eCoupons, and free shipping…and pregnant me got to spend more time lounging around and watching “The Office” reruns. (Sidenote: About last night’s episode, writers of The Office…Really? That sucker bore a striking resemblance to the episode with Will Farrell’s “inner circle.” Oh wait. This time it was James Spader’s “winner’s club.” You’re right, it was TOTALLY different. Harumph.) It turned out to be a great way to really search out unique gift ideas.

Obviously, I plan to do the same thing this year, which is GOOD NEWS for everyone I’ll be buying a present for. Have no fear — you shall not be stuck with a desperation “hot cocoa and mug gift set” or “gift card to a restaurant you probably don’t even like/have access to.” GOOD NEWS for me in terms of planning ahead and avoiding last minute present-buying stress.

The BAD NEWS? Oh, am I terrible at keeping secrets. Simply miserable. When I get really excited about something, I just want to tell it to EVERYONE. It’s ridiculous. I’ve bought two presents so far, and while this is a major WIN on the “planning ahead” front it has the capacity to turn into a major FAIL because I’ve nearly spilled the beans twice already. Oh, it’s going to be a long…how long is it? Three months?

Ay, caramba.


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