Better Late than Never? — 10 Secrets

So, some blog friends of mine (Amo? D?) have been doing this 10-day blogging thing, and I’ve decided belatedly to jump on the bandwagon. Sounds like a good idea, sure! The first day is “ten secrets” and that is definitely a challenge. I’m terrible at keeping secrets.

  1. The music on my iPod tends towards the “Switchfoot, Lifehouse, and Red” genre, but I have a definite weakness for hip hop. Missy Elliot and Usher are two of my favorites.
  2. I have scoliosis. It’s slight and doesn’t require treatment (and since there’s no family history OR extreme growth spurts to explain it, I wonder if it has anything to do with those years in late elementary school where it wasn’t “cool” to wear your backpack on both shoulders), but I have a feeling it’s the root cause of the recurring hip injuries I experienced during college.
  3. I don’t remember learning to read. The story is that I picked it up before I even entered preschool and shocked my mom by reading to her one day. She thought that I’d just memorized a specific book and was thrilled (as any librarian would be, I imagine) to discover that I’d taught myself to read instead. I do remember in preschool that the teachers had me read from the bible, and while I now understand why my ability would cause excitement among teachers, at the time it just embarrassed me to be set apart from my classmates.
  4. This one time in college during a run in the country, I…had an accident. A messy, smelly kind of accident. It was the one mile section of the entire run that lacked a privacy-providing tree line. A bunch of us had driven out there to workout, and my main concern was how I was going to get the 10 miles back to campus (after an 8 mile workout) without having to get back in my friend’s car. I didn’t come up with anything, but thankfully she had a towel in her car and had experienced something similar herself. Somehow, she kept the drive back to campus from being COMPLETELY awkward. I bought her a new towel.
  5. One of my hobbies is needlework. I mainly cross stitch, but I’m currently working on a felt applique stocking for LilRunr. I made some for Scott and I a few years ago, so I’m hoping to finish the little guy’s by Christmas so we can have them all hanging on the mantle. It is incredibly difficult to find time for hobbies with a 7-month-old.
  6. I’m going to be an aunt soon! My brother and his wife will be having their baby in the next several weeks. The BIG secret (which only they know) is whether LilRunr’s cousin will be a boy or a girl.
  7. I secretly enjoy those “let’s wander around in the dark and scare ourselves looking for ghosts” shows. Ghost Hunters, Ghost Adventures, Paranormal State, Fact or Faked…yup, I pretty much like them all. It’s mostly a fascination with the production methods, and how these “serious” “professionals” or “scientists” always run screaming from a room the instant something goes bump in the night. Also, those audio recordings where “hiss hiss gurgle” is translated as “get out of here” or “hi, how’s it goin’?” crack me up.
  8. I’m planning to start racing again. I’m not planning to be fast, but Husband has this crazy idea involving a race every single month, so of course he’s dragging me into it including me.
  9. I’m already planning on a sibling for LilRunr. NOT that I’m planning on giving him a sibling anytime soon, just that I’m planning on having another baby…someday. And thinking about names. And room decor. And ways to convince Scott to agree to this. And how in the world we’re going to do it, because there’s NO WAY we could have a baby who will be as agreeable as our little guy.
  10. LilRunr’s Halloween costume came in the mail this week! His room is space-themed, so he’s going to be an astronaut. I originally wanted him to be little baby Wesley Crusher because we watch a lot of The Next Generation around here and LilRunr is a big fan of the opening credits. But, alas, the only pre-made costume options are Spock and Kirk, and that’s not the right era of nerdiness for me. I also saw a baby Yoda costume at Target, but after mulling it over decided that I should allow the lad to keep his dignity. Also, keeping the “hat” part of the costume on was going to be impossible.

3 responses

  1. Jen — Yes! Steal! It’ll make me feel cooler. 🙂

    Amy — So…my procrastination was really because I was thinking about everyone else. Yeah, that’s it. Tehe.

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