I Want One! – or 7 Wants

LilRunr can’t talk yet, so we haven’t hit the whiny “I want one!” phase just yet. It’s coming, though. I imagine it’s unavoidable.

So…what does mama want? Let me think…

1. Small kitchen appliances. My slow cooker doesn’t have a lid. I killed the blender’s motor somewhere in between making smoothies and baby food. The hand mixer wobbles ominously. I don’t want to buy new ones, but I would like the ones I have to work.

2. Time. Lots and lots more time. Time to myself, time for vacations, time for everything. It just seems like there’s never enough.

3. The ability to have a cat rescue without sacrificing our house or sense of smell. I would love to be able to provide rescue kitties with a cage-free home where they get love and attention while they wait to be adopted.

4. That my neighbor’s dogs would suddenly lose the ability or the will to bark at every little freaking thing. I work from home. I hear them all the time. It is driving me mad.

5. Sour starburst jellybeans. I know, I already mentioned this as a “love,” but since they’re currently unattainable I think they fit here as well. And maybe, just maybe, if I blog about them enough, they’ll magically show up at my door. I know. This has never happened to me…but there’s always a first!

6. Um…for Michael Scott to come back to The Office? Is that too trivial? I’m having trouble getting into this season.

7. Wow. I’m really blessed. I can’t think of anything else I want. A million dollars? Sure, why not. Who wouldn’t want a cool mil?


2 responses

  1. Your list of wants is so….reasonable!! I’m impressed, truly. I don’t think, if I made one, it’d be so attainable. The dog though….ack. I can’t stand a barking dog or a loud motor revving for hours while they “tinker” with it.

  2. I must have been in a reasonable mood. When I hit the million dollar one I was like, “wow, I probably should have thought hard about this. You can put ANYTHING on this list of wants, and you mention a crock pot? I think my imagination may be broken. LOL!

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