Me Want Food! – 5 foods

We’re now reaching the point where the challenge of this “challenge” is whittling down my responses to fit the number, rather than racking my brain to think of enough whatevers to fit the criteria. Five foods? ONLY five foods? This is going to be difficult.

  1. Pumpkin.It’s that time of year. When pumpkin-flavored things show up everywhere, and when the news starts talking about how there shall be a PUMPKIN SHORTAGE and how will we all make pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving? I think they  must repeat that story every year, and yet those cans of Libby’s pumpkin remain on the shelves. I’ll be making these yummy pumpkin cupcakes soon, and I think this time I’ll be stirring in some chocolate chips. Pumpkin, chocolate, and cream cheese? Yeah, I think that’s going to turn out well. 🙂

    Delicious. (Photo from Kraft, click the image to go to the recipe page.)

  2. Larkin’s Beef Tenderloin Pasta. Sometimes, I really miss Greenville. My “faux foodie Friday” trips are now remembered nostalgically. Sure, I could pick the trend back up here in Kansas City, but there’s nowhere within walking distance of my house. It seems like such a waste to drive somewhere. That pasta was so delicious. Right, Running Buddy?
  3. Pasta. Like many distance runners, I have an affinity for pasta in general. Cheese-filled or not, baked or boiled, covered in pesto, marinara, or some kind of cream sauce…it never, ever gets old.
  4. Gelato. Like ice cream, just…fancier. Ok, I don’t really know the difference, and I don’t care. The nutella flavor is my favorite, but I’m not too picky about what sort of frozen dairy product I get to enjoy.
  5. Tomatoes. Actual tomatoes, not those mealy, tasteless, picked green and then driven for thousands of miles grocery store jobbers. My aunt gave me some out of her garden this year, and it’d been so long since I’d tasted a good tomato that I almost cried. Scott thought I was crazy. I think the Trophy Wife would probably understand.

One response

  1. Oh man! Now you have me missing Greenville too…I haven’t been to Larkins in like two years….and I haven’t had any good gelato lately either. I know Seattle is known as a “foodie” town…but I miss some of our good ole’ Southern places. (ps. obviously I am way behind in my blog reading….but I’m catching up now! 🙂 )

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