Who Says “Films,” Anyway? – 3 MOVIES

Hi, it’s me again. Back to talk about some “films” or, as everyone I know calls them, “movies.” I really don’t watch movies very often anymore. I like comedies, but I don’t like uber predictable chick flicks (Oh, you hate him? Hijinx happen? Now you love him? Didn’t see that coming!), movies that star the F bomb, or super raunchy numbers. I think I lasted exactly 17 seconds into “Super Bad” before turning it off. Eesh. I can’t watch scary movies, I pick apart the plots of most “blow ’em up” action movies, and I’m old enough now to be irritated by all of the remakes. (“Footloose”? Really?!!)

Um…you probably don’t want to talk me into seeing a movie with you. I might tell you that the worst is over and it’s OK to look only to have the T-Rex come out of nowhere, laugh during the “sinking” scene of Titanic when the rest of the theatre is crying, predict where the plot is going because I’m bored and spoil the whole ending, or argue with you about whether the bad guy was winking after the snake regurgitated him (because he’s just that much of a villain) or if it was an involuntary muscle spasm or editing blunder because there’s no way a guy could still be alive. Whoa. Three of those “this actually happened” scenarios occurred when I watched a movie with DeAnna. I guess this explains why we haven’t seen a movie together in 15 years, huh, D?

So, what do I like? I like the ridiculous. I like the satire. I like the weird and visually compelling. I like computer animation. I like musicals. I even like some action and suspense. I’m really not as picky and cynical as the above two paragraphs made me seem…but I am SOMEWHAT picky and cynical.

Ok. Enough of that. MOVIES!

  1. Big Trouble in Little China. I cannot possibly describe how much joy I get out of this movie. It is absolutely ridiculous and unbelievable. Let me just say: warring ninja gangs, monsters, Kurt Russell, semi trucks, awesome one-liners, a character named Egg, and a CB radio show. Need I say more? Ok, I’ll say more. I know a lot of people will watch this movie and say, “this is stupid,” and totally dismiss it. But there’s stupid that’s just STUPID, and then there’s stupid that’s awesome. This is stupid awesome. In my opinion, at least. 🙂
  2. The Bourne series. I know, this is kind of cheating, but so many movies are series these days that it’s hard to pick single titles. I just like these. Jason Bourne is just so dang likable, assassin or no. I’d have trouble picking my favorite just out of these three, but if I had to choose it’d be the third one, the “Bourne Ultimatum.” It’s really good. Also, this is one of the very few examples where I’ve read a book and seen the movie and the movie has come out on top. That’s saying a lot for me.
  3. The Illusionist. I’m sad that this movie expired from Netflix Instant. I should probably buy it. While I had constant access to it, I used to watch it at least once a month. It was fun to watch and the ending actually surprised me. Well done.

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