La La La! – 2 Songs

So, we are coming to the end of this. Two songs, eh? I was totally going to be annoying and link you to two songs that will totally get stuck in your head and then you’ll be like “argh, Megan, why is this stuck in my head I hate you!” but in an amused, loving kind of way. And then you’d think, “well gosh, if this super annoying and yet fantastically addictive song being stuck in my head is the worst thing going for me today, I really don’t have much to complain about.” For that little dose of perspective and Thursday mood pick me up, feel free to click here and here. Annnnd…I told you so. 🙂

But instead of that, I decided to make this at least semi-running related and share with you the last two songs to play on my iPod during my run today. (Two miles! Nine to go! Exclamation point!)

  1. Rinzler, Daft Punk (TRON Soundtrack). Listen, there’s loads of evidence on this blog that I’m a major dork…those first two links being the most recent examples. Is anyone surprised that I have the Tron soundtrack on my iPod? Really? I didn’t think so. It’s fun music to run to, I’ll tell you that.
  2. Sexy Back, Justin Timberlake. This one MIGHT surprise you, but it’s a good song to run to as well. It’s got a great beat. I never really liked JT when he was a part of that one boy band — what was its name? — well, I’ve never really been a fan of ANY of the 90’s boys’ bands, so it doesn’t really matter. I really, really appreciate his appearances on SNL, though. Dude’s pretty funny. His monologue during the lady Gaga episode was hilarious!

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