One Challenge Ends, Another Hits a Snag – 1 Photo

Ah, the last day. After I went to bed last night, I debated which photo I would post today. A cute photo of me and my (poor, uncomfortable, slightly feverish, probably teething) little boy? An awesome, as-yet-unpurchased photo of me finishing a marathon? Something with the other man in my life, Husband?

I’ve opted for this, mainly because I didn’t even know it existed:

Running the 10k at NCAA II Nationals in 2003.

This photo was taken back in the old days when all we had was El Cheapo K-Mart camera, so the resolution isn’t that great. Of the three girls, I’m the one in the middle. I didn’t have a great race at Nationals. It wasn’t terrible…just nothing ultra memorable. I can’t even tell you what my time was. I can tell you that I didn’t place, which wasn’t too big of a surprise given my 16th seed (out of 20) going into it.

The story is that, like so many other “important” collegiate races, the entire field took out impossibly fast. Like, more like a 1500m fast. I was 25m behind the entire pack after the first 800m. THAT much I remember, because it’s embarrassing to be that far behind. One of the assistant coaches was calling splits for me and shouting encouragement when the Western State (famous for distance runners) coach leaned over and said, “that’s a shame about your girl. She’s way back.” Coach Aaron smiled and said, “the race isn’t over yet.”

It took me at least two miles to catch anyone…it may have even been as much as half of the race that I ran alone, trying to be proud that I’d made it to this race and not lose  heart. But when I did catch someone, do you know who they were running for?

You bet. Western State. Aaron said he just looked over at the coach and smiled. No words necessary. Awesome. I love that.

In other news, I have a baby who got sent home from daycare yesterday with a fever of 100.3. Poor lad. You can tell his mouth hurts and he’s just not his usual, easy-going self. This is going to wreak havoc on my “running 13 miles in 5 days” challenge, unless it’s OK to take the poor boy out for a run with me this afternoon. Anyone? Is it OK? He pretty much doesn’t have a fever anymore, but it is a little chilly today. Argh, sometimes it’s so difficult to figure out what a “good mom” would do. I guess I can wait for Scott to get home and THEN go run…but I sort of want to get it over with. I’ll ask LilRunr what he wants to do when he wakes up from his nap.


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    • Did you just remember Nationals were at SIUE? Or did you recognize the track in a fuzzy picture taken at night? Either way is good, but the latter means you seriously know your Midwest tracks! LOL! 🙂

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