“I’m so proud of you,” my husband tells me.

“Huh?” I’m confused. My life has been pretty routine lately…I can’t think of anything that would prompt Scott to feel proud of me.

“For starting your running group. It’s really nice of you to do that. I’m proud of you for taking the effort,” explains.

Sweet, right? His compliment, however, only makes me feel guilty. I didn’t start the running group with any sort of noble or selfless intentions. I intend to run a half marathon in January, you see, and I’ve been a bit nervous thinking about those solo urban long runs. There have been a few too many stories on the news recently about women being attacked on running trails. Ok, maybe there were two stories. That’s two too many! Unfortunately, I don’t have a Running Buddy or a Marathon Expert here — no single person who I can persuade to train with me. What I do have is a network of college pals (both teammates and former rivals) who live in the Kansas City area. Many of them are still running, and it’s possible that they might be interested in meeting to run occasionally. Two this week, three the next…I may not have to run alone!

I sent out at email via Facebook, and before you know it a conversation has sprung up. Some say “I’ll be there”, others say “maybe next week”, but pretty much everyone responds, and those who do respond positively. I will not have to run alone!

Everyone says, “thanks for thinking of this, Megan!” and Scott, being the sweet guy he is, figures I’m doing it for everyone else’s benefit. I’m not. It’s for me. But it is nice to know that I’m not the only lonely distance runner in Kansas City, and WONDERFUL to be able to catch up with friends (and just have someone to talk to) during the longest run of the week.

Don’t look now…but I think I just started a running club. šŸ™‚

We had our first meeting last Saturday. Five humans (six if you count the one in utero) and one canine showed up for an easy five miles in beautiful, crisp fall weather. We had a great time catching up, and the morning came to what I consider a perfect ending with a sighting of Speedo Man. Every time I run at Corporate Woods, I see this gentleman running in nothing but running shoes and a speedo. That morning, he was arriving just as we were getting ready to leave. It was 38 degrees. He was wearing his speedo. Of course.



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  1. And I keep thinking the dude downtown running bare-chested is just a show-off when it’s 50 degrees. He’s got nothing on Speedo Man. It’s nice to gather runners together and help one another through the longer runs. I’m trying to figure out a group myself, but we’re all in different “spots” as far as what we might be training for, etc.

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