Holidays are More Fun with Kids, Part 1: Halloween

We’re about to embark on a very exciting time here in the Nelson Household. The holiday season has begun, and this year we have a cute young man who takes in the entire world with an infectious sense of wonder and delight. It is going to be a fun time.

First up — Halloween. After much consideration, we purchased an astronaut costume for our little man. The ideal costume for his first Trick or Treating session would be Wesley Crusher. You probably won’t believe me, but LilRunr LOVES that show. More accurately, he loves the opening credits for TNG. Patrick Stewart says, “space…the final frontier” and my boy will stop WHATEVER he’s doing to watch the Enterprise race across the screen. Unfortunately, the only premade costumes we could find were from the first Star Trek. Alas. Although I’m somewhat crafty, MAKING a costume was out of the question. Alas.

So, an astronaut it is:

A very, very, very cute astronaut it is.

Even though he couldn’t be Ensign Crusher, LilRunr didn’t seem to mind. I don’t think he quite understood what the fuss was all about, but he definitely enjoyed the attention.

"Look at me! I'm ready to go...somewhere! And do...something!"

Oh, did you see the pumpkin the little man is posing by? Mama paid homage to her boy’s favorite show the only way she knew how. I love carving pumpkins. 🙂 I also carved one for my other fella. Did you know that KU basketball started yesterday? I did, because we watched the game…just like we watch pretty much EVERY game. Scott is a Jayhawk fan through and through. I wore their competitor’s colors last night, though. They were playing my alma mater.


We took the little man to a couple of houses. He quickly lost patience with us and wanted to go back home, where grandparents and his aunt were waiting to play with and spoil him. The most memorable part of his first Trick or Treating outing was the lady who responded, when I joked that I would be getting to eat the little fella’s candy, with “oh, well he can have these I bet” before placing some smartees in the bag. Giggle. Mister is still on single-ingredient foods of the “grain, fruit, or vegetable” variety. Candy is one thing he can most definitely NOT have. More for me!

Our little family.


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  1. Great job on the pumpkin carvings! Did you freehand? An astronaut costume – I like it! I think next year we’re going to do some sort of family theme. Maybe we’ll make Jimmy come up and then we’d have 7 people, and we could be the 7 dwarfs!

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