Like the Dinner, Lunch, & Dinner Following Thanksgiving…

That’s right. It’s COLD TURKEY. We all know that I am well and truly addicted to caffeine. I mostly gave it up when I was pregnant with LilRunr, but then he was born and decided not to sleep during the day, which was the time when all those dumb pregnancy books said I should be recuperating. “Sleep when he sleeps.” Yeah, OK. Well what if he DOESN’T and Scott’s at work and I can’t afford to go to sleep and I’m not nursing anyway?

Yeaaaaaah, caffeine. Unfortunately, for the first couple of weeks I wasn’t supposed to drive and we had no caffeine in the house, so Scott would get texts like this:

“If you bring me a Dr. Pepper, I’ll bear your child.”

“Wait, I already bore your child. BRING ME A DANG DR. PEPPER!”

Then, in what now seems like the blink of an eye, sleep returned to our household. Sure, maybe it’s 6 hours instead of the pre-child 8, but 6 continuous hours of sleep is HEAVEN after weeks of “child wakes up every 3 hours…takes 30 minutes to eat…45 minutes to get back to sleep…that leaves me with 1 hour 45 minutes until the next wake up. Ugh.” I tell myself, “ok, Megan, now would be a great time to step back your caffeine dosage.”

But I don’t. First, I tell myself that I could “quit anytime I want to.” I just don’t want to. Suuuurrrreeee, junkie. I’ve heard that before in those two episodes of “Intervention” I watched once upon a time. Then, I tell myself that I’m going to “taper” on my caffeine intake to avoid that nasty headache that is waiting to pounce on me. I even buy those cute little tiny cans of Mt. Dew so that I can more easily “taper.” Uh-huh. The herd of empty tiny Mt. Dew cans on my desk glare at me accusingly. “Taper” “Ration.” BALOGNA!

This weekend, it was finally cold turkey time. During the week I noticed that in 3 days most of my fluid intake was some sort of caffeinated soda. In the interest of running and hydration, this needs to stop. At the very least, I need to be drinking more water than anything else. So. I have not had a caffeinated beverage since Friday morning. The headaches on Saturday and Sunday were not pleasant. I’m hoping that this will be the last day of “side effects,” and then I’ll do what I always do when I kick the caffeine addiction — wonder why in the world I thought I needed to start my day with a Mt. Dew.

Please, LilRunr, stay true to your “sleeping through the night” self. Mama is still susceptible to temptation.


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  1. Good for you! I do love my coca-cola. I have been really good about keeping it to one can a day, but Hubs can ruin that in a blink of an eye when he thinks he’s treating me with a fountain soda in the evening time. I’d like to think I could cold turkey. I should. Maybe this will be motivation.

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