It’s Difficult to Type When You Can’t Feel Your Fingers

I sometimes wish that funny/interesting things would happen to me so that I can blog about them. It can be hard to find noteworthy material that doesn’t fall back on that ol’ standby…my adorable baby. Of course, when I wish for “happenings” I also sort of hope that they’ll be running-related happenings. Anything to preserve my tenuous status as a person with a RUNNING BLOG.

Note to self: be careful what you wish for. I now have a “running-related happening” to report…but it was closer to coming with a side of frostbite rather than good times and happiness.

Has anyone else noticed that it’s gotten cold lately? Personally, I (normally) like it. I ran 4 miles on Sunday, and it was delightful. I ran a new loop that included a pretty intense hill and averaged 8:23 pace. It was cold enough that I actually broke out the capri-length tights and ear warmers. Yes, indeedy. December is almost here, and winter is officially setting in!

This morning, it was even colder at 5:30am, when Scott and I awoke. It was also dark, which just adds insult to injury. Really, it just seems so much colder when it’s dark out. Also, in the dark it sounds more like wild, ravenous beasts about to attack…instead of squirrels frolicking through dry leaves. No sir, I don’t like it. That’s why, when Scott suggested that I could run before he went to work, I countered with the idea that he run first and then take LilRunr to daycare, giving me just enough time to run, shower, and get to work. That was the plan, and the first two parts (the parts Scott was responsible for) went off without a hitch.

As he and the little guy left, I headed out the door as well. I walked right past the entryway table with the spare key. Nah, I thought to myself. I don’t need that. I’ll just use the keypad on the garage, like I always do. Sure, why not? There’s no way that could possibly backfire…say, if the keypad runs out of battery or decides that it’s too cold to operate or just wants to BE A STUPID JERKFACE and do this really annoying red backlight flashing thing instead of working.

Because that is obviously what happened. I may have even heard the thing say, “nah-nah-nah-nah-nah, I don’t have to let you in! SO THERE!” I stood there with numb fingers, wishing that the stupid thing would cooperate or that I’d left the front door unlocked or that I had a key or that, at the very least, I would have worn gloves or an extra long-sleeved shirt like a sensible person. (Sidenote: I really hate gloves while running. They make my hands feel like they’re on fire.)

Thought #1 — I HATE WHEN THINGS DON’T WORK! Being an adult sucks!

Thought #2 — Why didn’t you take a key, dummy?

Thought #3 — I am NOT going to call Scott to come rescue me. He has a really busy day today with lots of meetings.

Thought #4 — I’m cold.

Thought #5 — Oh! There’s a combination box on the deck with a spare key.

Thought number five sounded promising, so I traipsed around to the back of the house and found the spare key box that the seller assured us had a spare key. The combination was a number that meant something to her, and I hadn’t gotten around to changing it…or, really, even making sure that there was a key inside.

Is there a key inside? I wouldn’t know. It and the garage door keypad are in cahoots. Handy combination key box wouldn’t open either, no matter how much I begged and my numb fingers struggled. Grr.

I finally called Scott, who rushed home to let me in. One shower, cup of hot cocoa, sweatshirt, stocking hat, and improvised sock mittens later, and I’m ALMOST warm. Almost.

Yay, winter.


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  1. LOL I am so paranoid, I always have to take a key with me. Always. I’m sorry that you were locked out. At least your hubby could rush home and help out. FYI – I don’t run (well, if at all) in the cold. No matter how warm my body might feel once I start, my fingers and toes never, ever warm up and it makes me cry. Literally. My toes will make my feet feel like blocks of ice, and my hands hurt so.bad.

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